Top Twerk Songs 2017

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This platform aims to be the premiere “one stop shop” for the twerk culture. As we continue to provide you with the very best, we also tend to figure out ways in improving and enhancing this industry. There are many elements lacking in this popular art form that seem to be overlooked and we are fully aware that implementing a few creative strategies can help foster the twerk community to a brand new audience. With that said, here’s a mixtape compilation entitled Top Twerk Songs 2017 presented by #TwerkFlow which consists of the most played twerk oriented songs in 2017.

These are songs mostly used in dance studios, and numerous twerk videos on social media. Although there may have been quite more that we missed, the majority of the popular tracks on this playlist can compensate for that. This mixtape is featured on Audiomack and you can download or stream it at the link below.

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  1. meh says:

    you should focus on finding good looking twerk girls. btw i dont understand why you send short instead of thongs. waste of time

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