Sizzling interview with exotic dancer Adrienne Lilo

Whats hotter than a sexy exotic dancer? A sexy exotic dancer with brains and goals. This is the case with my special guest today, Adrienne Lilo.  A bona-fide beauty from the state of Texas making her mark in the strip club circuit. Adrienne is destined to become one of the elite performers leaving a legacy in the game for others to not only imitate but to follow for years to come. Check out our interview below and be sure to leave a comment 🙂
FF: Hello Adrienne
Adrienne: Hey there! What’s good? 
FF:  Do dancers from the lone star state get any sleep? It’s like they’re always online(fb and twitter); and when they’re not online, they’re shakin at the clubs. What’s in the water you’re drinking out there? lol
Adrienne: There is a lot of hustle in the water! Most of the clubs here open up at 12 noon and don’t close until 5 or 6 in the morning. And yes, there are girls who work very long shifts because the money can seriously rack up.
FF:  Give us a brief summary on how you got started in the game.
Adrienne: I remember watching Ludacris’s Video for “Pussy Poppin'” and ever since then, I wanted to be one of the girls on stage scrapping up her dollars into a Big ‘Ole Bucket. I was always a shy and quiet teenager and I wanted to be “Bad” by being a stripper (God forbid if my parents ever found out what I wanted to do!) When I turned 18, I drove to a strip club about 30 minutes from my hometown and applied. I remember the first thing that my manager had called me that night, I was the “Green Horn”.   
FF:  Besides the good money, what other factors keep you motivated to go hard consistently night in and night out?
Adrienne: My mantra is,  “Dance so you don’t have to dance no more”. Just like sports and modeling, this industry is very time sensitive. Beauty and Body fades away with time! With that being said, I really don’t have enough time to rely solely on my looks. My priority is to make enough money so I can go back to school full-time and not have to dance at night. I put my heart into everything I do, 100%, ONE THING at a time!
FF:  So where do you shake at? 
Adrienne: I shake where I can! I love to travel out of state and dance in other cities. Its fun and it boosts up your career. However, my favorite two clubs back home in Texas is Club onyx in Dallas, and XTC in Ft Worth, Texas. I highly recommended that you check these places out! You will not be disappointed.
FF: On your twitter page you stated: “Lap dances are really about how good you can dry hump someone”; In other words you give a mean lap dance am I right?
Adrienne: Being a single woman, its hard to not get “INTO” a lap dance – especially when I’m dancing with a man that I’m attracted to! I can’t help but to feel his hard-on on my thigh. It’s a major turn on for me! Just think of having a lap dance with me to Next’s “Too Close”. “Hmmm, I wonder if she can tell if I’m hard right now??” 
FF:  Can you recall any embarrassing moments that happened to you while you were on stage?
Adrienne: Oh yes, there are many embarrassing things that happen on stage! Some that come to mind is falling while doing a pole trick, farting on stage, forgetting to cut your tampon string, and having a lace wig come off in mid-spin. I think the most embarassing moment I had was when I was drunk and fell off the side of the stage. I didn’t touch a bottle of Ciroc for a long time after that.
FF:  How did you become a feature entertainer?
Adrienne: I didn’t know I was a feauture entertainer! That sounds nice, but I am really just starting to change my “Job” into a “career”. I have been trying to hook up with some reputable photographers and agencies so I can market myself. I do plan on traveling more around the country and I’m actually in the process of making some headlines with other entertainers and musicians at various events and clubs. 
FF:  You dance in various clubs in Texas. You also travel to dance in cities such as New Orleans, and Mobile. What is the difference between clubs in your home state and clubs in other parts of the south?
Adrienne: Dallas clubs are definitely a little nicer and more “regulated” than clubs in New Orleans and Mobile. Dallas clubs are very similar to night clubs; most have VIP areas, full service food menus, and more performances and parties. The clubs in Mobile and New Orleans strictly cater to the dancers and don’t have that much variety. 
FF:  Are you still deciding on getting your boobs done? 
Adrienne: Yes, unfortunately I must have a mastectomy done because of a lump that was found in my breasts. Breast Cancer runs in my family, and I am an advocate for health and well-being. I am a little sad that this is happening, but God has blessed me with a supportive staff of doctors and plastic surgeons. There is hope after getting a mastectomy done, and I will be an example of that. I look forward to my new boobies!
the next set of questions will help us define you better……..
FF: What is your favorite style of hair?
Adrienne: Anything that is “timeless”. I love indian remy hair, color #1, Jet black, at least 24″ inches with a side part. I can’t see myself wearing anything else! 
FF: How often do you workout?
Adrienne: Every time I go to work! I’ll be honest, I am really lazy during the day.
FF:  If you retired from dancing today, what career would you partake in?
Adrienne: Anything artistic and creative. I love to paint and draw. I would love to sell my “artistic skills” more than anything else one day.
FF:  What is the first thing you look for in a man?
Adrienne: Work Ethic. I admire a man who is about his business!
FF:  What is the ONE thing a man must have to keep you?
Adrienne: A Good heart! It is hard to find a man who has genuine good intentions for you and your well-being. 
FF:  What’s the one sex position you haven’t tried yet with your partner?
Adrienne: Having no sex at all, 😉 
FF:  Thx for stopping by sweety! Do you have any s/o’s?
Adrienne: Yes I do! I would like to thank GOD for giving the beauty and body to dance and the strength to continue and prosper in this profession. I would also like to thank the developers at for their banging website, Chino from, My homegirls back home (Y’all know who y’all are) and my wonderful friends and family who have let me stay at their houses while I travel and dance. 
FF:  What are your social media networks?
Adrienne: You can find me at and Sorry, no instagram! 

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  1. Corie says:

    This is a very intreguing interview, makes me look a little closer into a dances life. And from having a few long chats I see some really have dedications and from whether it be hardship early life or as “A” says watching a video, once it’s there ; it’s on. Wish the best young lady

  2. anthony says:

    Goddamn her and the rest of her friends and the other beutiful females on this here

  3. fbmg says:

    Hot pics

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