Q&A with Exotic Dancer Little Tokiyo

Today’s spotlight is a veteran amongst exotic dancers in miami putting in work for many many years. She is more than just an eye treat; her mind is razor sharp as well. Equipped with a college degree and her own established business, my special guest has done and is still doing things that much younger women in her field have great difficulty in accomplishing. As the old adage goes; if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Ladies and gentlemen, lets welcome, the astonishing Little Tokiyo.
FF:   Whats up Toy?
Tokiyo: Hey love
FF:   How did you become a stripper?
Tokiyo: I’ve danced for years; ballet my whole life and did gymnastics about ten years. I did the broadway musical Cats in New York and when I moved to Florida there weren’t many jobs like that so I started stripping. The money is good and I get to do what I love.

FF:   Did you get any sort of training or where you told to just go out there and start $hakin’? 
Tokiyo: I used my ballet and gymnastics techniques.
FF:   Do you recall your FIRST night stripping?
Tokiyo: Yes. I blocked everyone out, listened to the music, and danced my heart away.
FF:   Tell us about the club where you mainly work at now……
Tokiyo: KOD and the Office but Im especially partial to The Office; they’re like family.
FF:   Are your co workers friendly or do they act like b*tches to each other?
Tokiyo: They have their days
FF:   Do stripper heels really have to be 6 inches?
Tokiyo: No, but mine are
FF:    Did you ever trip on stage?
Tokiyo: No
FF:   How do you handle woman customers?
Tokiyo: Treat all customers the same
FF:   Are there any questions that you, as a dancer, have ever wanted to ask the men or women who frequent strip clubs?
Tokiyo: Not really
FF:   Has anyone ever tried to tip you with foreign currency? 
Tokiyo: No
the next set of questions will let us know more about you
FF: Wht are your hobbies and interests?
Tokiyo: I like to ride my motorcycle and jet ski. I’m a beach junkie, I love fast cars. I drive a jag and a pink M3
FF:  How many tats and piercings do you have?
Tokiyo: 9 piercings, a leg sleeve and two arm sleeves
FF:  On a scale from one to ten what would you rate your respect for men?
Tokiyo: Different for different men
FF:  What would I have to do to get some of your attention besides pay you money 😉
Tokiyo: I don’t date customers
FF:  Thx for taking the time for this interview; I hope I’m not keeping you from your job and poppin dat thang. What advice would you give to young ladies trying to get in the naked hustle?
Tokiyo: Don’t let business take over you, do your thing and look at all opportunities. This doesn’t last forever.
FF: Wht are your social media networks?
Tokiyo: My facebook is Little Tokiyo my Twitter is @littletokiyo and my instagram is tokiyos_world

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