One on One with exotic dancer Diamond The Body

You know her name. If you haven’t seen her in person then I’m almost certain that you saw her breathtaking videos. I don’t know anyone that can twerk quite like her yet! The way she makes those butt cheeks bounce separately without even moving an inch of that body is mesmerizing. I was able to chat with Diamond The Body while she was on the road finishing up a stellar performance at Golddiggers in Detroit. See what she has to say about the $tripper game and how it has become much more electrifying for the fans.

Diamond The Body

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 132lbs.

Bust: 34

Waist: 27

Hips: 42

Shoe: 5.5

FF:  What’s up baby girl?

DTB: I’m good just chillin’

FF:    I love your twerkin’ video clips! How long have you been doing your thing?

DTB: My first video was about 6 months ago. I’ve been dancing before that but that’s when I started making vids.

FF:    Do you travel around as a featured performer?

DTB:  Yes, I’m actually in Detroit right now. I just did a show at Golddiggers.

FF:     How long did it take you to perfect your booty bouncing skills?

DTB:   I’ve been dancin’ since high school, but the booty bounce took about a couple months to perfect. 

FF:     How many videos can you honestly say you’ve recorded so far?

DTB:   Maybe 30

FF:  Do you manage to get your online fans to come support you at the clubs?

DTB: Yes; my fans, if in the area, always come show me love.

FF:  What are some things dancers chat about when they’re in the dressing room?  

DTB:  Lol, dressing room chat is about which guys have the money, which ones are broke but sometimes there is crazy arguing like whose having sex with someone baby daddy, she danced with my customer, I’m not splitting this money with her, someone stole my whatever. It gets crazy in the dressing room.

FF:  Do you think the art of exotic dancing has evolved?

DTB: Yes I do. It has evolved from girls just shaking booty to girls shaking booty upside down many feet in the air hanging off a pole. It has become much more entertaining and respected.

FF:  Are you a pole competitor also?

DTB: I do contests but nothing major; no real competitions.

FF:  What’s next on the horizon for Diamond the Body?

DTB: I’m in the process of creating a website and i just wanna continue to travel and do shows.

The following questions are the general interests of the viewers……..

FF:  Where would you like to go on a vacation?

DTB: Hawaii and The Bahamas

FF:  Chicken or Fish?

DTB: Actually steak 

FF:  Micheal Kors or Marc Jacobs?


FF:  Turn ons in a man?

DTB: I like dreads, nice bodies, straight teeth, big lips.

FF:  Give head or receive head?

DTB: Both, giving and receiving

FF:  One advice you can give an aspiring dancer reading this right now……

DTB: If it’s what you wanna do then strive to be the best, you’ll make it big time. If you wanna just be a regular dancer have a back up plan, always stay in school and get an education. You don’t want to be 40 years old still dancing! Not cute.

FF:  What are your online networks?

DTB: I’m on twitter @diamondthebody  instagram diamondthebody and also on facebook.

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