My interview with the sexy exotic dancer Strawberry…….

Everyone has a favorite fruit. What is yours? Apple, watermelon, grapes? I myself love Bananas, Plums, Cherries. I can go on and on about the variety of fruits that I love but today there’s one in particular that I’ll have to list as my top choice. Strawberry, no not the fruit, but one of the most mouth watering exotic dancers in miami slidin’ down a pole near you! There is one thing I will like to mention about the strawberry fruit. It’s a very unique fruit. The seeds grow around the outside of the fruit rather than the inside of it and it comes in many different sizes, colours, and shapes. Just some food for thought. Anyway back to the sexy Strawberry, she has a real nice personality and she seems easy to get along with. Looking forward to spending my entire check on her real soon. That’s one strawberry I’ll have in my yogurt anyday!!

Height: 4’11
Weight: 130
Bust: 32
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Shoe: size 6
FF. What up Strawberry? Is it Strawberry J or just Strawberry?
Strawberry: Strawberry
FF: Where are you originally from? 
Strawberry: Ft.Lauderdale FL
FF: When and where did you start dancing? 
Strawberry: When i was 17, at Coco’s Lounge in Miami Fl
FF: What club or which clubs do you dance at now?
Strawberry: Take One Lounge 
FF:  Were you nervous when you first started? How long did it take for you to overcome that feeling?
Strawberry: Very nervous, so I couldnt work everyday. To be honest I still get a little nervous. Especially when working out of town, or any club other than my usual.
FF:  Your twitter profile says “you’re not a model you’re a hustla”. How would you describe your swag and customer service at work? Did you ever have to smack da sh*t out of a customer?
Strawberry: My swag/customer service  at work is A-1. Customers give me the same respect I give them, so its easy to be myself and show them a great time.
FF:  What are you better at, the floor or the pole? 
Strawberry: I wouldn’t say Im better on the floor, but I’m more comfortable on the floor interacting with customers. Im the life of the party lol
FF:  You do any tricks?
Strawberry: Of course, I’m no stranger to pole tricks, I mostly do them when Im out of town.
FF:  You look like you can give a mean lap dance! Have u ever lap danced on someone for more than an hour?
Strawberry: Lol, Not quite a lap dance but I have danced for hours on end. Depending on the vibe, I’ll be dancing all night.
FF:  They say if you got haterz, then you’re doing something right;  working with plenty of fine a$$ women as urself do you feel like you get hated on at work sometimes?
Strawberry: Not at Take One, we’re pretty much a family there.
FF:  What was the most unusual thing you experienced in the locker room?
Strawberry: Out of town girls do the most unusual things, One chick was doing crazy drugs all out in the open.
FF:  I see lipstick is your thing, you probably wore every color in the crayola box. Who does your makeup?
Strawberry: I have 2 MUA, so depending on where I’m working its either @MLatriceMUA OR @KazumiBrown
FF: For those who don’t get a chance to come out and see you in action, are there any videos of you twerkin’ online?
Strawberry: There are videos of me at work, although none were recorded by me
FF: Can you make a custom video for us soon?
Strawberry: Of Course I will
FF: Ok the next series of questions is to get to know a little more about you:
FF: Favorite food?
Strawberry: I love seafood. Its usually my choice when eating out.
FF: Ciroc or Ace of Spades?
Strawberry: Peach Ciroc, Patron is even better 
FF: Do you like men, women or both?
Strawberry: I dont discriminate lol
FF: Weed or Molly?
Strawberry:  Mrs. Mary Jane
FF: Air Max or J’s?
Strawberry: I wear both, BUT my j’s need their own closet.
FF: Thx for vibin with us today Strawberry, keep doing ur thang and I wish u the best; tell your sexy homegirls I wanna feature them on my blog too….
Strawberry: No problem & Thank you for featuring me. I’ll definitely make sure they keep your blog exciting
FF: Where can my readers find you online?
Strawberry: Twitter: @Flawlessfruit , Instagram: @Strawberrythefruit 

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