My interview with Pole-A-Palooza champion, Charlee Wagner

Hard work truly pays off. Hear the many success stories of athletes and celebrities that went against critics to acheive the inevitable. Hard work is merely not enough though. Consistency and determination are also important factors one must consider to excel. Meet Charlee Wagner, this years Pole-A-Palooza champion and certified pole dance instructor taking us up her path of excellence and this is not even the starting point for her! Read on………..

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 112 lbs
Bust: 32.5”
Waist: 26”
Hips: 32.5”
Shoe: 7 US
FF: How are you?
CW: I am Wonderful! Thank you for asking.
FF: First off congratulations on winning the recent Pole-A-Palooza competition in Vegas. How hard did you train preparing for that contest?
CW: Thank you! 😀 I had been training for the North American Elite/Midwest Competition where I won an all-access unlimited pass to the Pole Expo. While at the Expo one of my students mentioned she wanted to enter the Pole-A-Palooza competition. We asked around to get the details and I decided to go ahead and enter.
FF: I bet you had a great time and so much fun out there. What was the experience like?
CW: It was so great but to be honest, I had no clue what I was in for! When I got there I saw Marlo Fisken, Alethia Austin, Egypt, and many other big pole names all upstairs stretching and getting ready. Almost everyone had their foot over their head in one way or another – it was awesome. Then when I saw what everyone else was wearing I instantly thought, “Oops, I’m overdressed!” They all had on these adorable outfits that were a little more on the sexy side and here I was in my sports bra and pole shorts, ha ha!
Then Egypt, who was the first competitor, took the stage and all that was going through my head was, “What did I get myself into?!” Let me start by saying these girls could move their body in ways that I have NEVER seen before! WOW. I literally started laughing while I was waiting for my turn because I felt so out of my league. Honestly, sexy dancing isn’t my strongest points so I just decided to go out there and do the things that I know I can do and to have fun with it. 😀
Overall I have to say it was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had pole dancing. It was a joy to just let go and dance and be in the moment. I felt like I didn’t have to worry about what toe to point or what to do with my fingers. I could do what I love – just trick after trick. I had a blast performing with such amazing and talented women though and am honored to have shared the stage with them.
FF: They say that you create moves that are out of this world! Where does all of this creativity come from and how simple is it to include it in your routines?
CW: A lot of it comes from trial and error… I get hurt a lot! One of the newest moves that I did in the competition actually pulled my IT band and so I call it the thigh killer. I’m constantly thinking of new creative stuff but the majority of what works in my head doesn’t quite work out on the pole. Safety is important so I usually try things on the ground a couple of times before I attempt to do them on the pole. Rebecca Butcher, her husband Adam, or Trevor Ramboz have been known to spot me on my hardest tricks until I feel I have mastered them.
Putting my tricks into routines is sometimes difficult because I have to feel like it is a smooth transition into and out of the move. If I don’t feel that my transitions are clean I usually won’t put them into a routine.

FF: How long have you been a pole competitor? Was it something you had in mind for a long time?
CW: My first competition was at National Aerial Pole Art tricks battle February 2012, so almost 7 months. I have wanted to compete in pole since I started taking pole fitness lessons in January of 2011. I had a chance to see a local competition in Utah right before I started dancing and I knew that I wanted to be part of this world.
FF: How does your body feel the day after a rigorous competition or a day of good pole training?
CW: It feels pretty beat up and almost every inch of my body is sore. I take protein and joint supplements from my sponsors Pole Fitness Nutrition daily to help my recovery. Their formulas are specific to pole athletes and since I like to train every day, recovery is very important for my body.
FF: X-Pole hesitated not one bit recruiting you to their elite roster. What was going through your mind the moment you heard the great news?
CW: Honestly, I think I was partially in shock but I was also very elated. I’ve wanted to be an X-Pole girl since I bought my first X-Pole, so it was a dream come true. I am really looking forward to working with X-Pole, I already feel like part of the family.
FF: Now that you’re an official X-Pole athlete, does that mean more competitions and hectic tour schedules?
CW: I sure hope so! 😀 I love competing, teaching, traveling – all of it! So I’m very much looking forward to the opportunities and adventures I hope to have with X-Pole.

FF: You’re currently a student at Weber State University in Utah. Are you able to handle the pressure of not letting academics and your pole dance career interfere with each other?
CW: This summer was actually my last semester at Weber, so luckily I won’t have to deal with the stress of school and dancing. Training and teaching are my main priorities.
FF: What’s next on the menu for Charlee Wagner?
CW: I plan on continuing to compete and I’ve begun my workshop tours. I’m looking forward to visiting Ecuador in October followed by more workshops in other parts of the world. And of course I’m excited to see what tours and competitions I’ll be doing with X-Pole.
FF: Now with a schedule that’s even more busy, will you find time to continue instructing pole dancing classes?
CW: I am definitely going to try! Luckily for me, French Kiss Fitness – the local studio I instruct at, is very supportive of my career and schedule. In fact, Meagan Goodson (the owner) has been to all of my competitions in support of me and lets me use the studio for my daily training. My students are my pride and joy and I miss them when I’m on the road! I absolutely love my job! I tell everyone that I have the coolest life!
I’m grateful to know my students and co-workers want me to succeed, and I know without a doubt that they will help me in any way possible.
FF: Are you competing at the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships in November?
CW: I actually just sent out my application the day of Pole-A-Palooza. I am anxiously waiting to hear if I’ve been accepted.. ;D Wish me luck!
FF: If you can give just one advice to anyone willing to become a pole dancer, a competitive one at that, what will it be?
CW: I think the biggest thing about being a competitive pole dancer is to make it your life! I train every day, and I think about pole non-stop. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Make the necessary sacrifices, reap the rewards, and enjoy the journey!
FF: That’s all the questions for now Charlee. Once again congratulations on winning yet another title. Before we end this interview, is there anyone you would like to personally thank out there?
CW: Yes, thank you. I would love to thank my best friend and inspiration Rebecca Butcher, for guiding me into this lifestyle and passing on the torch on to me. Thanks to my mother Robin Kemp, for all the support and love she has given me, and for introducing me into such an amazing sport. I also have a lot of people at home that support me and give me so much love, so I want to thank all of them for believing in me and my dreams.
FF: Where can the viewers find you online?

CW: They can find me on facebook and my website . You can also email me here

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