Is Yiking The New Dance Craze??


There’s a brand new dance trend that is taking the urban communites by storm called yiking. Is it really new you ask? As strange as it may sound, yiking has been around for quite some time now. It started in Oakland and recently created a huge impact in cyberspace with hundreds of videos of girls yiking to a song called “Red Nose” by Sage The Gemini.  I’m not sure how long the song has been existing, however, it has gained momentum. It went viral largely in part to girls adopting it as the new yiking anthem, receiving over a quarter of a million likes on facebook alone.

Although it originated in The Bay Area, many other cities quickly caught wind of it and have raised the awareness of it by making yike videos. Another individual who’s a critical component, and also credited with popularizing yiking is The Bay Area’s Ms. #GetItIndy. A very popular, young and multi talented, you tube sensation with a cult like following of over 50K subscribers and over 5 million views on her you tube channel. Some of Indy’s videos instruct on how to yike as well as artists promotion services.

How long will this trend be around? Is it just another faze like the harlem shake? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but for now yiking seems like it’s going neck and neck with twerking and showing no signs of being extinct.

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Is Yiking The New Dance Craze??

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