Interview With #Twerk4Travy Contest Winner, “Promise The Goddess” on #TwerkFlow

There was  a recent twerk off in the Atl hosted by hip hop recording artists, Travis Porter. This was not your ordinary twerk battle. This was an organized, well executed event that involved judges, ring girls, a boxing ring, and 20 contestants. It was a fight to the finish as each contestant battled for the grand prize of $2500. After the smoke cleared there was a winner and her name is Promise The Goddess.

Read our exclusive interview below as she describes what it was like going up against plenty of competition, and what she did to come out victorious. Congratulations Promise!


Instagram: @promisethegoddess





TF: What’s up  and Welcome to #TwerkFlow!

PG:  Hi and thanks for having me.

TF:  Congratulations on winning the #Twerk4Travy tournament. How do you feel about your latest accomplishment?

PG:  Thank you. I feel great! I had to be creative and think out the box to walk away with the prize. I’m proud of myself.

TF:   Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to witness the event. I saw some comments on Instagram that said you did the “unthinkable” to win the contest hands down. Do you mind sharing with us what it was exactly that gave you the victory?

PG:  I took my shorts off and danced. Nobody else did it.

TF:  What was your first reaction when you first heard about that event? Did you know it was something you wanted to do after you heard what the prize was?

PG: I was motivated to enter the contest.  Yes, I knew I going to do it especially after I heard the prize was $2500!


TF:  How many girls did you have to go up against?

PG:  I had to go up against 20 girls.

TF:  Out of all the girls in the twerk competition, who would you say was your most toughest challenge?

PG:  The pole dancers.  I lack in that department.

TF:   Was that your first time meeting Travis Porter?

PG:   Yes it was

TF:    Do you plan on entering more twerk competitions in the near future?

PG:    Maybe

TF:    What do you plan to do with the $2500?

PG:    It’s already in the bank


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