Interview With ToneNTwerk’s Brooklyn Sanchez

Getting in shape may seem like it’s hardwork and challenging to some. Many people start to to find find their way to the gym and after a few weeks lose interest and self motivation. Well what if your workout regimen included intense twerking; would you reconsider  throwing on the boy shorts and chuck taylors?

Thanks to outstanding champion bubbler, Brooklyn Sanchez, working out can be a fun and rewarding experience. I had the pleasure of entering the mind of ToneNTwerk’s co-founder and received some insights on her fitness classes, twerking in the UK, and the future of TNT. Read the interview below.


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TF:  Hello and Welcome to #TwerkFlow

BS:  Hi There

TF:  How and when did ToneNTwerk establish?

BS:  I did a dance booking for Jump Off TV. We got talking and realized there was a gap in the market for twerking fitness classes.  I was bored with what most gyms have to offer in terms of dance based fitness classes so we partnered up and launched TNT.

TF:  I’m pretty sure there are plenty of twerk shops in the UK due to the popularity of twerking. How is your style of teaching different and what benefits do you offer students that they might not find elsewhere?

BS:  I think what separates ToneNTwerk™ from other classes in the UK is that with us your getting a real workout whilst learning AUTHENTIC Twerk dancing and movement. Myself and my instructors can really Twerk but we also care about the fitness aspects behind it.

TF:  Does it take a great deal of patience for ladies to know how to bounce? Does it take a lot of time for your students to get the hang of it?

BS:  Not really, at times you will find there might be some challenging movement but I have great instructors that encourage and give people the confidence that people find themselves picking things up and doing movement that they never thought they could do before they stepped through the door.





 TF:  Who is and/or who are the instructors of the fitness classes?
 BS:   I teach most of the classes that are available on GymBox timetables but I also have two brilliant dance/fitness instructors; Olu Alatise and Valerie Nobbe; who teach at GymBox Bank in London.
TF:   You recently held a casting for dancers that can twerk: Did it go well?
BS:    It was amazing! I was so shocked at the turn out. Twerking is big at the moment but people over here are still a bit sceptical when they hear anything to do with Twerking, so I was pleasantly surprised to see so many girls at the casting.

Footage is up on YouTube so make sure you check that out
TF:   Do you see a continuing interest for twerking?
BS:   Yes! If the right people are waving the flag for it. Hell Yes!
TF:   When will we see Brooklyn Sanchez enter a twerk competition?
BS:   I don’t enter them I judge them…..but never say never.
TF:   That’s all the questions I have for you right now.  Is there anything you will like to add?
BS:    Look out for ToneNTwerk™ coming to States early 2015!!!
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