Interview with Shawty Red The Vixen

Right back at you with another exclusive interview. In case you haven’t noticed by now this blogsite is mainly about exotic dancers and pole dancers as well. So yeah if you wanna call it a stripper blog then thats what it is. Today the lovely music video vixen Shawty Red showed love and decided to hang out with us briefly. You probably wondering why is she featured on here. To answer your question she happens to be one of the baddest dancers in the game as well. She’s all over the internet and she probably posts more videos than any other model/dancer weekly. This is what I encourage alot of dancers to do. It’s the extra curricular things that you need to do to put you in position to get more $$$. Enough talking for now. I’ll save that for another post, without further adieu here is the baddest b*tch everywhere, “Shawty Red”.

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 150

Bust: 36 DD

Waist: 31

Hips: 43

Shoe: 9

FF:  What it do Red?

SR:  What’s good?

FF:  You’re from the A right?

SR:  Yep, GA’s finest.

FF:  There are only 24 hrs. in a day. How do you juggle time between extended photoshoots and dancing?

SR:  When you want something done you make time.

FF:  What did you start doing first, modeling or dancing?

SR:  Modeling

FF:  Is it true that you’re the baddest stripper in the A? If not, then who’s your competition?

SR:  Nooe. I’m the baddest bitch everywhere and I don’t see no competition.

FF:  Your online grind is crazy!! You got numerous video clips of you shakin’ dat a$$, mad features, your own site and vey active on social media networks. How important to you is it incorporating dancing with  your online activities?

SR:  Very. I like to give my fans what they want.

FF:  Do you feel that because of the internet you’re able to pull in much more income as opposed to not being online at all?

SR:  No, being online I have different ways to get money. Sex sells!

FF:  What are the top 3 joints you like to work it to in the clubs right now?

SR:  Juicy J, Cash Shay, 2 Chainz

FF:  How is your relationship with co-workers? Do you think they feel any kind of way because you’re more popular?

SR:  Lol no. If they do their doing a good job at keeping it a secret.

FF:  What is the one dance move or trick that you do that gets the crowd spending like crazy?

SR:  There’s too many to name lol

FF:   Which club are you dancing at now? Can we expect to see you in Miami anytime soon?

SR:  There’s no particular club I work at, I travel alot to different clubs. Yes you can expect to see me in Miami.

FF:   What was your most exciting moment ever at the club?

SR:   Every night’s exciting when you getting money lol

FF:   We want you to give us a round of applause if you know what I mean 🙂

SR:   Clap Clap

FF:   The next series of questions is for us to get better acquainted with you…….

FF:   Favorite artist

SR:   I really don’t have just one

FF:   Macy’s or Bloomy’s

SR:   Bloomy’s

FF:   Bentley or Benz

SR:   Bentley

FF:   Favorite sex position

SR:  I love getting head

FF:  We love you Red, we need you back on here again. Thx for slidin through. You have any advice for any aspiring dancers out there?

SR:  Go hard

FF:  Have anyone you will like to shout out?

SR:  First off thank God, and shoutouts to everyone that has supported me.

FF:   Where can the viewers find you online?

SR:   Twitter @vixenshawtyred Instagram @vixenshawtyred and my personal website

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