Interview with Professional Pole Dancer Spyda

What’s up everybody! It’s hard chasing down women especially the busy and productive ones. It’s energy draining and time consuming but in the end it is all worth it. Thanks to twitter, I got in contact with arguably one of the best hi level competitive pole dancers in the urban featured market, Spyda. The other best is her partner Magic who I attempted to have on here also. I tell you this is skills on a whole different level. She so bad Floyd Mayweather made it rain $100 bills on her!! Don’t take my word for it, Google her name and you will see the many accomplishments she attained thus far.  Spyda is no joke……
FF: Hello Spyda? Everything good on your end?
Spyda: yup
FF: Are you from BK? If so what part? 
Spyda: Im actually NOT from Brooklyn, I just moved here a year ago.
FF: When you’re in Miami, you’re at KOD. Where do you dance when you’re back home?
Spyda: When im Home in New York I work at Sin City or Perfections
FF: Let’s back it up for a sec; in 2008 you were a pole star competitor and in ’09 you competed in the pole-a -palooza. Did you take first place in each of the two?
Spyda: I won the PoleStar Comp and I got 2nd in Pole-A-Palooza, which was the HARDEST comp i have been on to date! I went up against girls from cirque du solei!
FF: So you just work the pole or you do floor work as well? 
Spyda: Mainly yea I just do the pole, I have a few floor moves..and as for working the floor..thats rare.
FF: Do you have any tattoos? If you do they sure aren’t visible..
Spyda: NO tats..I’m a big chicken..and the thought of something permanently etched on my body, well freaks me what if I get tired of it? Look at the girls who thought they were cool with the baby phat tattoos.
FF: I saw you at this years exxxotica expo in south beach and you put on quite a performance. Do you go on tours to perform at different clubs?
Spyda: Whatever promoters/clubs book us…thats where we perform.
FF: How does the booking thing go about? Are you presented as a featured performer at these clubs?
Spyda: Yes
FF: When I saw you I said to myself, this young lady is not just a dancer she has to be an athlete. I was trying to figure out if you were a former gymnast ,if you ran track, or was a swimmer. Were you involved in any of these sports back then?
Spyda: I started gymnastics when I was 6yrs old and competed nationally up until i was 14, then I ran track from 7th grade all through highschool and got a scholarship to run hurdles. I also did diving..cheer, soccer..danced..I was a very active kid lol
FF: Besides dancing, what else you do to stay fit?
Spyda: Workout time to time..but mostly the pole as my workout.
FF: I heard that Pole Dancing is making its way to Rio in 2016. Is there a possibility that we will see you compete for Team USA?
Spyda: HELL YEAH! When they make it official..I will alter my lifestyle completely to make that happen.
FF: Now you have an up coming competition in October. It seems like a team competition. How are you mentally and physically preparing for this contest?
Spyda: Me and magic are practicing and perfecting new tricks and coming up with concepts that will give the crowd a peek into our side of our story. We want to put all questions and suspicions to rest and let it be KNOWN we started this movement in the urban strip world and nobody is going to beat us at something we created. Only reason that this competition is happening is because of us..battle of the “duets”? Wouldnt be no duets if we didnt do what we did 4yrs ago.
FF: Well good luck to you and Magic on Oct. 7th; I’ll be rooting for ya somehow someway. Before I let you go there are a few questions that I’m gonna ask to let us know more about you ok? Good, here goes…..
FF: Favorite place to chill in NY?
Spyda: The Village
FF: Favorite place to chill in Miami?
Spyda: South Beach
FF: Kids or no kids? No Kids
Spyda: Boyfriend or girlfriend? No Man
FF: Rough sex or hard sex? 
Spyda:No Sex
FF: Good look on the interview Spyda, any shoutouts?
FF: Where can the viewers find you online?
Spyda: @SoSpyda Instagram:SoSpyda Facebook: Spyda and thats it! I dont have tumblr or any of that other if you find me anywhere else its fake.

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