Interview with Lacey Rain The Hurricaine

As always, I was granted the privilige to have a chat with one of the most sensational entertainers in the exotic dancing industry. This week I am pleased to welcome the one and only Lacey Rain The Hurricane to our blog. While in attendance at the 20th anniversary of the exotic dancer expo in Vegas, she took a break from all the festivities to hang out with us. Lacey is this years 2012 Exotic Dancer Newcomer Grand Champion. She also holds other achievements under her belt. Read on to find out more on The Hurricane and how she deals with all the frustrations and stress associated with this industry.

Lacey Rain The Hurricane

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 130lbs.

Bust: 34

Waist: 25

Hips: 36

Shoe: 8.5

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green



FF: What’s up Lacey??

LR: Hello, I’m in Las Vegas right now for the Expo!!

FF: Where are you from?

LR: New Hampshire!

FF: Are you a resident dancer at any clubs in NH?

LR: Sometimes, when my schedule allows me to, I work at a place called The Club in Tyngsboro Massachusetts.

FF: How long have you been dancing?

LR: 9 years. Oh my!!

FF: How long did it take for you to venture into the featured dancer circuit?

LR: It took me a little while. I didn’t have any contacts or help at first. Christina Aguchi found me 2 years ago and here I am!

FF: Explain why you’re called the “Hurricane”…..

LR: That’s a nickname that an ex gave to me 😉 Somehow it caught on nationally.

FF: How do you prepare/train for competitions?

LR: Well I freak out. Eat high protein, and zero carbs or sugars. Freak out some more. Ha ha ha I perform much better under pressure which is a blessing since I am in full blown panic mode for about a month leading up to the competition. Usually by the time that the competition day has arrived, I’m so exhausted from being so stressed out that I become calm. It is a very bizarre cycle that seems to be working well so I don’t question it.

FF: I heard that you have a unique way of involving the crowd with your stage sets. How important is it to incorporate crowd interaction with your performances?

LR: Very important! I want people to enjoy themselves during my shows. If I see someone who isn’t paying attention I immediately point it out to the room in a playful way. I love to make people laugh and I think it surprises a lot of people. They aren’t expecting a impromptu comedy routine at a strip club. Good! Keep them on their toes!

FF: What do you do on your days off?

LR: Read. I am a huge fantasy fan and world history nerd. Right now I am studying Ayn Rands philosophies and objectivism. But my favorite authors are Terry Goodkind, Robin Hobb, and Robin McKinley. I also play alot of video games (primarily first person shooter or anything Mortal Kombat. I do play a mean Mario kart too).

FF: Where are your favorite places to shop? How many pairs of shoes do you own?

LR: I am a bargain hunter for sure. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look good! And as far as shoes go. . . I LOVE shoes. It may or may not have allegedly become somewhat of a problem, maybe.

FF: Can you give any advice to an aspiring dancer who hopes in competing nationally someday?

LR: Expand your horizons. You may be the best girl at your club that doesn’t mean anything on the whole scale. There are thousands of clubs and each one of them has a girl who thinks she is the best. So it all comes down to how bad you want it. Get out there. LEARN. Do competitions. Lose. Train harder. Come back harder. And win!

FF: Thx for stopping by Lacey. It was a pleasure having you here with us. Any last words you want to share? Any social media network links?

LR: You can check out my tour schedule on my site or follow my potty mouth on twitter @TheLaceyRain. Thanks for having me!


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