Interview with exotic dancer Thunder

Whats up ppl!? I want to begin first by giving a shoutout to everyone that’s been keeping up with my blog and will continue to keep up with it time and time again.I also want to say thanks to all the dancers that I’ve interviewed thus far. This blogsite wouldn’t be where its at right now if it wasn’t for you letting me borrow your precious time.  I really do appreciate the support(Now if I can just get you ppl to leave a comment! lol). Today’s featured dancer is one who is well known in the urban featured circuit. Some of you might’ve seen or heard the name Thunder in NYC clubs, or you might’ve seen her as a special guest dancer on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop reality show. Thunder is a real hard worker, constantly on her grind, and very independent. She also conducts private lessons, so if you’re in the NYC area and are thinking of learning a trick or two; it would be wise to get in contact with her. Check out this exclusive one on one interview with the flawless amazon, Thunder
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FF: Whats good Thunder?
Thunder: I’m good can’t complain 
FF:  You’re the first person I ever saw to plank on a pole! Do you have your own pole at home?
Thunder: Lol Yes I do.
FF: I’m looking forward to meeting you at the upcoming Pole-A-Thon. Are you competing or just performing?
Thunder: I was asked to compete but since it’s a battle of the doubles, that was changed; so I’m just featuring/performing.
FF: Have you been working on some new tricks particularly for this event?
Thunder: I always have something up my sleeves but for this event, not really. 
FF: So are you a resident dancer at any clubs or do you just dance at private events?
Thunder: Most of the time I do feature shows but when im not booked I’m teaching pole dance or working the local clubs.
FF:  There are only a few videos of you dancing online but you’re only working the pole. The fans want to see some booty bouncing  and other floor moves; are you holdin’ out on us lol?
Thunder:  I cant keep my hands off the pole but I have plenty of floor moves that the crowd love, sometimes the crowd becomes part of my show.
FF: I understand you give pole lessons also. Are these lessons taught at your home or a dance studio?
Thunder: I have a portable pole so I come to you; it’s easier to teach in a comfortable setting. 
FF:  Do you run a pole dancing agency? In your opinion, do you think there are more women taking pole dance lessons now than let’s say 3 or 4 years ago?
Thunder: No I dont have an agency but that is in the works as of now. Yes about 4 years ago it was kind of taboo but now everyone and there mama wants to swing on the brass stick lol.
FF:  Picture this setting; You’re a featured performer at a jam-packed club. The crowd is turnt up and it gets even more turnt up when your name is called to step on stage. The music starts playing as you make your way towards center stage. What’s running through your mind at this time?
Thunder: Usually my mind goes blank by then ‘cuz of the Ciroc in the system lol, and my alter ego sets in and takes over.
FF:  How did the Love and Hip Hop feature come about?
Thunder: They needed a pole dancer to come play and who else is comfortable enough with the ladies to get the job done? Lol but I got a call from someone I know and the rest is history.  
FF:  Were you nervous giving Olivia and Ciara lapdances?
Thunder: Lmao Well for one I wish Ciara was there but no I wasn’t nervous at all, if anything I had them under pressure but it was a lot of fun.
FF:  Was there still dancing going on after Kimbella’s hair caught on fire lol?
Thunder: Lol Olivia and Somaya tried to keep the fun going but who would want to continue with lap dancing after your head was just in flames? lol
FF:  What’s the one sound advice you would give to females looking to become dancers or currently dancing?
Thunder: If you enjoy it, be the best at it, make ya name be known.
FF: Now  I’m going to ask you some questions so we can know a little bit about your world……..
FF:  What is your nationality?
Thunder: BLACK lol 
FF:  What is the worst pick up line you ever heard?
Thunder: Put ya number in my phone I want to fly you somewhere :/
FF:  When shopping, do you use cash or credit?
Thunder: Both but most of the time its straight cash.
FF:  Vibrator or no vibrator?
Thunder: Vibrator. That’s something every girl should have even with a wonderful sex life
FF:  What’s the one thing a man has to do to turn you on instantly?
Thunder: Make me laugh, take me shopping or take me shopping while making me laugh lmao nah let me stop.
FF:  You have any shoutouts you will like to give?
Thunder: Hell yes I have to give a shout to Get Ya Weight Up TV something I also do on the side; I host for them and shout out to all the hard-working females
FF:  What are your social media networks?
Thunder: Twitter: @bxThunder  Instagram: @bxthunder  Youtube: MsBxThunder

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  1. tiff spliff says:

    That’s my girl…love you girl…keep up the good work!!!!

    • cocoaluvly says:

      She works so hard, and deserves every bit of shine she gets. Her beauty and talent are unmatched. A lot of respect for her as a performer and love her as a woman. <3

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