Interview With Exotic Dancer @PEACHYBADAZZ On Twerk Flow

My next guest is so hot she’s probably one of the rare few that can pull off an interview on Twerk Flow with no locker room pics. Looking sexy naked is one thing but looking sexy in clothing every time is another. Whether she’s chilling at the hottest nightclubs in town, working out, or showing appreciation to all her fans; one thing for sure she has made an impact in the game in such little time.

Exotic Dancer: Peachy Bad Azz

Location: Orlando

Trap: Club Lux, K.O.D, The Office

TF: Whats up Peachy?

PBA: Hey wass good!!? 😉

TF: How did you learn to shake all that azz so well?

PBA: By practicing in the mirror, watching other girls and of course filming myself and watching it.

TF: You shake your cakez as good as the best of ’em; if not, even better. Why are you not dropping new twerk videos every week or so?

PBA: I never thought of myself as a dancer at first so i didnt want to focus on that. I do it because I can but I still have lots to learn so i guess my fans can watch me grow as a better dancer by watching my YouTube videos I plan on dropping

TF: Will you make a promo video for twerk flow .com soon?

PBA: Sure im up for it

TF: You’ve been trapping for how long now?

PBA: I’ve been dancing for like 9 months now #rookie lol

TF: Which trap do you hustle at when you come to Miami?

PBA: K.O.D and The Office

TF: I see hundreds and hundreds of money pics strippers post on IG & Twitter; and the largest bill in most of those pics is a $20 bill. In your pics, I see multiple $100 bills!!! Is this an everyday thing for you?

PBA: When i dance I’m definitely on my hustle!!! Everyone has good and bad days most of mine just so happen to be good $$$

TF: Do you feel that dancing allows you to express yourself in ways words cannot?

PBA: No unfortunately…. I think I have a much better way with words

TF: Do you ever come to work stressed out or even upset and was able to find that dancing relieved the stress and cheered you back up a little bit?

PBA: There has been times I wasn’t in the best mood but anytime money is being thrown on me I completely forget any problems I may have.

TF: Most strippers have a dancing friend that they’re real cool with and sometimes best friends with as well. Do you have any “stripper friends” that you share that type of relationship with?

PBA: Yes, my good friend who put me on the naked hustle her stage name is Ciara and my homegirl Gorgeous. I have a few others but I really love these two ladies.

TF: What advice would you give an aspiring dancer stepping into the hustle?

PBA: if you wanna make money, make a name for yourself keep a buzz going and practice; try to master your skills

**Here are a few more crazy questions…..

TF: Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

PBA: Hmmnm maybe because it’s just gonna get frosted over with ice anyway lol????

TF: Where do people in Hell tell other people to go?

PBA: Over there lol

TF: Do you think Jesus was a virgin when he died?

PBA: Not sure hard to determine

TF: Do you think the mailman delivers his own mail?

PBA: Nope unless he’s waiting on a check

TF: Why are women and men’s shoe sizes different?

PBA: Because mens feet typically get bigger than most women

TF: Thanks for sliding thru to kick it wit us Peachy P; any words you would like to add or any shoutouts?

PBA: Yes s/o to @respectthelogo @2020photographyll @mqtease @terrance_armand and all of my supporters and followers

TF: What are your online networks?

PBA: Twitter: @peachybadazz  IG: @peachybadazz FB: @peachybadazz

Facebook Fan Page


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