Interview With Exotic Dancer @LoveBrittany21 On Twerk Flow

The saga continues as we embark on yet another journey to proceed to give you what you need: strippers!! In my relentless pursuit to seek and find the finest in adult entertainment, my taste in quality talent hasn’t failed me. I always come across mouth watering, iCandies that make you just fantasize about having these beautiful creatures sitting in your lap stroking your ego. My special guest today is just the person for that job. She’ll make you come out yo’ pockets while she is still dressed and if you think you can just come in the club and spend only $50, think again. She’ll hold you by the hand and walk you over to the atm machine and make you reach your withdrawal limit.
Exotic Dancer: Brittany Love  
Location: Atlanta
Trap: Kamal’s 21
TF: How’s it going Love?
LB:  Great! Thanks for asking.
TF: In what year did you start trapping’?
LB: 2006
TF: Was it anything you imagined it to be?
LB: Yes. But it’s not for everybody.
TF: Describe your booty clappin’ skills in one word..
LB: Amazing
TF: Some customers don’t know that strippers talk about them in the dressing room. What’s the most funniest thing you ever heard a stripper say about a customer?
LB: Girl! This man just asked me for some lip gloss.
TF: Did you ever go on a hiatus from dancing to pursue other ventures? How long was the absence?
LB: A month
TF: What’s the worst thing a customer ever did to you?
LB: Back in “09” someone drugged my drink.
TF: If you’re dancing a customer who is spending alot of money and the dj calls your name to perform on stage, do you stay with your customer or do you tell him you’ll be right back?
LB: We use to be able to stay and continue dancing, but now I tell them I’ll be back.
TF: If a group of girls are dancing together in a section where customers  ballers are making it rain; how does the money get split?
LB: It depends on how many girls and that determines how to split the money.
TF: What advice would you give to aspiring dancers?
LB: Come into the game staying to your self. And if your gonna do it! Be your best at it.
Here are a few general questions…..
TF: Why do guys get nervous when talking to a girl?
LB: Only weak men get nervous. Because they know that at that moment the entertainer has the control.
TF: What is your family like?
LB: Every one just stays to their self really.
TF: What would the perfect date be like?
LB: A place where it all can be about me. Like a full service spa.
TF: Which celebrity would you enjoy going to dinner with?
LB: None. Because I’m a star my self and don’t like sharing the spotlight.
TF: What are the top three qualities that you look for when it comes to men?
LB: 1. Intelligent 2. Stable 3. Personality
TF: So there you have it. It was a pleasure interviewing you today Love, you have any shoutouts?
LB: Yes I would like to give a s/o to my beautiful daughter Mariah. I would also like to thank my manager Anisa. For believing in me. As well as all of those that support my hustle. All the Kamals21 Angels & all my followers.
 I love you all!

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