Interview with Exotic Dancer Kash Doll

Gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, blunt; some of the characteristics that describes todays guest. Don’t get me wrong, she has a real sweet personality but she does not sugar coat anything! You can tell by her twitter tl alone that she’s a no nonsense entertainer that wins the admiration and respect of numerous fans and also, attract countless amounts of haters. Thats not stopping her not one bit. With a totally booked out month of November in her forcast, I was blessed to grab her attention for just a little bit in getting her for this interview. S/O to my man Wayne on the connection. Okay fans and haters, lets welcome the lovely Kesh Kashdashian aka Kash Doll

FF: Whats up Kash Doll??

KD: What’s the deal

FF:  For those of us who have yet to see you perform, describe what your stage shows consist of?

KD: Alot of money thrown & alot of ass shaking

FF:  I hear that you’re one of the top dancers in the Motor City. An incredible feat indeed considering the fact that there is plenty of competition in your area. How do you manage to stay “one up” on the rest of ’em?

KD: Honestly… I dont look at it as competition; I’m in my own lane.

FF:  One thing I notice you do is interact with your followers whether you’re at work, home or out and about. Where does social networking play a role in marketing your brand?

KD:  Honestly social networking is a market to any brand I show love to ppl who show love to me.

FF:  On the average, how many special events do you perform at within a 6 month period?

KD: On average about 30 shows

FF:  How many special events will you perform at from now until the end of 2012??

KD:  November is booked FULLY..December partially booked… U do the

FF:  I’m sure you dance at several clubs in Detroit; how is each one different in terms of club vibe and earning potential?

KD: Good question…there are different vibes in different clubs and it teaches me how to interact with ppl.

FF:  Most dancers have one or two dancer friends that they’re real close with; which dancer/dancers do you share a tight bond with?

KD: hmm…. NOBODY!!! Well I have a couple of associates.

FF:  Is a Kash Doll website in the works?  What are some of the things we can expect to see on there?

KD:  No but I’m looking forward to beginning one real soon.

FF:  What tips or suggestions would you give aspiring dancers that aim to follow in your footsteps?

KD: Be yourself because at the end of the day you’ll feel more comfortable being yourself.

The next set of questions will let us know more about the Kash Doll

FF: Where were you born and raised?

KD: Detroit, Mi

FF:  What is your best memory of childhood? Your worst?

KD: Best memory… Holidays, birthdays, & family functions… Worst not getting what I wanted.

FF:   What would be the first thing you would do if today was your last day?

KD: Take my dogs ,get my baby sister, and go for a ride. I would just want to be around them all day.

FF:  Thanks for your time baby girl; feel free to give some shoutouts…….

KD: My family, my Kashdashians, and my Haters…

FF:   What are your social media networks?

KD: FMOT @Kash_dolll, for booking contact @Kashdoll_promo or 313-207-1565

7 Responses to Interview with Exotic Dancer Kash Doll

  1. triggman says:

    Wat gud baby

  2. ricky hollins says:

    baby got back love it

  3. jessica says:

    Hi kash im a fan of u and I want to became a dancer but dont know where to start from any advice another I dont believe I have the body nor the looks

  4. bina says:

    HOW OLD ARE YOU DO U HAVE KIDS …and are u single ??!

  5. ricch.g says:

    Hy kash doll I love all of yo raps

  6. India says:

    Hi kashdoll I’m your biological cousin

  7. What’s up boo I love your style keep giving them hell boo it is a turn on to a boss and it gives dominant vibes to a your king love you shawty get DAT paper and to hell wit the haters

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