Interview with exotic dancer “Jenny Bunzzz”

Here we are on this beautiful Friday afternoon getting ready to make plans for this Veteran’s day weekend. Back with another feature from The Windy City and believe me my guest has gotta be one of the most spectacular entertainer from the MIdwest. Although she goes thru more name changes than Diddy, I’m quite sure her current stage name will stick with her for a very long time(because it fits her well:))) Let us welcome the glamorous Jenny Bunzz!!!!
FF:  What’s going on gorgeous?
JB: I’m doing ok
FF:  You have a interesting stage name. Can you tell us what made you decide to use it?
JB: Puts u n the mind of Jwoww from Jersey shore!! But without the boobies! But with the bunzz!!!
FF:  What got you started dancing?
JB: I started dancing because I love the idea of a beautiful woman using her looks to hypnotize a man to get what she wants!! Something like a mermaid…lol its sorta empowering knowing that all I have to do is dress up and have a good time to get what I want.
FF:  What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?
JB: Not much, I don’t work out or diet!! I thank my mom because the curves are hereditary!!
FF: What would be your ultimate achievement?
JB: My ultimate achievement will be to graduate with a degree in business management, get married, & start a family. I will also like to run a modeling agency, an accessory store and a group home from my house!! I’m all over the board with it but it’s very possible!!
FF: How do you set your goals?
JB:  I have monthly goals and annual goals
FF: What is your diet like?
JB:  I eat alot. LOL I love food and I eat everything!!
FF: Have you experienced a breakthrough, and if so, what led to it?
JB:  I haven’t experienced a breakthrough yet but when I transfer into motherhood and the corporate world I’m sure it will be a journey!
FF:  What was the best advice you were ever given?
JB:   It’s just a job….save money. Plan for the future!!
FF:  What is your biggest chalenge, and what do you do to manage this challenge?
JB:   My biggest challenge is me finding something real. I deal with it by going with the flow. So far I’ve been having to cut alot of people off but I have a few good friends and a bomb ass family so it works itself out in the end.
Here are a few more questions for a more personal experience…….
FF: What’s your favorite color?
JB:   Purple
FF:  What’s your favorite food?
JB:   Chicken
FF:  If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?
JB:   I would put my grandma in her dream home, start a college fund for my niece and little brothers, and invest in the future plans I previously mentioned.
FF:  What is your favorite piece of clothing?
JB:   A pair of tight designer jeans unless shoes count!!
FF:  How many times have you been naked in public?
JB:   I most definitely can’t count how many times I’ve been naked in public…’s in the 100’s lol.
FF: Thts good enough for me. Thx for the love and plz feel free to come back and join us whenener. You have any shoutouts?
JB:  I wanna send a special shoutout to the #bootygang movement, the king of nightlife Kenny Boom, 4th coast, and my resident club Factory(Chicago).
FF: Wht are your online networks?
JB:  Follow me on twitter here

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