Interview with Exotic Dancer Janet Journey

In the exotic dancing profession(yes I said profession) it definitely helps to be beautiful. It’s much much more beneficial to have super brains to go along with it. You will hear many strippers mention that they have their own place, own cars, gucci this, louie that; but how many of them say they have a degree? I know they’re are plenty of them out there that are sitting on one and they’re some that might feel like they don’t need one. To each her own. This week I bring to you one of the most educated, sexy and goal oriented entertainers in the game right now. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Janet Journey.
Height:  4’11”
Weight: 117
Bust:  34B
Waist: 26
Hips: 45
Shoe: 6
FF: Hello and welcome to Fame and Fortune; let everyone know who you are and where you’re from…..
Journey: Janet Journey and I am a native of Louisville, MS. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA.
FF: Is Journey your real name?
Journey: LOL it is now.
FF: How long have you’ve been a dancer?
Journey: On and off for about 8 years. I take sporadic breaks here and there lol.
FF: I’m pretty sure that the most obvious reason for becoming a dancer is the fa$t Ca$h; Are there any other reasons you might want to add?
Journey: Well, I have a degree in Psychology and my reason for dancing was initially to pay college tuition. After working in my field for 5 years and not getting the pay I deserved, I came back lol.
FF: Some dancers had prior jobs in customer service, sales, etc. at various retail stores and other fortune 500 establishments. Were you ever employed as any of the mentioned positions? If so, where and how was the experience and pay?
Journey: Yes, I have had several professional positions in my lifetime. I worked at Hooters, I worked in my field for 5 years, I am also a PROFESSIONAL dancer and have had positions teaching dance and dancing for various dance organizations.
FF: Which club are you a resident dancer at or do you work at different locations?
Journey: I currently work in Atlanta, GA at Follies 
FF:  Did you or do you take pole dancing lessons? How would you rate your skills on the pole?
Journey: I have taken lessons and I have also taught lessons so I am not exactly a beginner .
FF:  How many times can you make your booty clap in one minute?
Journey: 60 times lol 
FF:  I have a strong feeling when you’re on stage, the temperature changes in the club. Do they make it rain on you more often than not?
Journey: Yea I get thunderstorms quite often lol
FF: Give us an estimate on how much caSh you pull in on a good night if you don’t mind.
Journey: It depends. I could do up to a thousand a night I guess lol.
FF: Any workout schedules and healthy eating habits you’ve adopted?
Journey: Yes. I eat plenty of fruits and veggies and I do squats and ab work daily
FF: What are your plans when you retire?
Journey: I want to go back into my field. I am currently working on my Masters and I wish to become a sex therapist. 
FF: I always ask dancers where are their favorite places to go shopping and how many pairs of shoes they own. So Journey where are they and how many shoes?
Journey: I don’t shop much I am saving for a new car!
FF: What advice can you give an aspiring dancer?
Journey: Just be true to thyself because you can lose yourself in this industry and become a slave but you have to stay focused and keep your head strong!
FF: Thx for stopping by and showing us some love. You have any links where you can be found online?
Journey: You can follow me on twitter @msjanetjourney

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