Interview with Exotic Dancer Honey Bee

Happy hump day!! The #workflow continues on as I present today’s invited guest who I believe hails from Detroit. A nice, slim and sexy brown skinned treat with a personality sweet like “honey”. Going on 5 years in the game, her knowledge and experience keeps this Motor City mommy grounded and level headed enough to professionally handle uncomfortable situations. Let us welcome todays guest, the beautiful Honey Bee.
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FF:  Whats up mommy?
HB:  I’m good how are u
FF:  Is it me or do you have some sexy a$$ lip$?
HB: I love my lips there full & soft lol
FF:  Do you get complimented on your lips alot?
HB: yes, I do a lot
FF:  When did you start dancing at Crazy Horse?
HB: 08
FF:  Did one of your heels ever break off your shoes while dancing?
HB: yes, I used to dance hard when I used to do pole tricks
FF:  Do you sometimes get bruises or burns when dancing on the pole?
HB: yes, a lot smh
FF:  Do you make a habit of wiping down the pole before you use it?
HB: yes, it’s a habit
FF:  Have you ever fell down the pole?
HB: yes, smh I slipped & couldn’t catch the pole
FF:  What are you mostly “under the influence” of when you’re dancing?
HB: money …
FF:  Did you ever consider doing porn?
HB:  no way
The next set of questions will give us a more personalized ananlysis of you………
FF: How much money did you make on a good night?
HB: 4500
FF: Did you ever feel pressured to have plastic surgery?
HB: no I love my body
FF: How many guys ask for your number or ask you out?
HB: The most 10 a night
FF: Have you ever physically assaulted a customer?
HB: lmmfao yes
FF: Thats it for now; thanks for lettin us have you. Wanna give any shoutouts?
HB: my son Javier  , c.o.g & all the real niggas that showed me  love since I been dancing
FF: Wht are your social media networks???

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