Interview with Exotic Dancer Frenchy

What’s up once again and I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.  Plenty of activities where going on all at the same time. It was quite overwhelming. The highlight of my weekend was my visit to the infamous strip club in Miami called The Office. If anyone of you reading this right now have ever been to this club, you know how jam packed it gets. It reaches over capacity every night of the week! I decided to go in the daytime since they open at 12 noon and actually had quite a good time. I met some beautiful ladies there and you will see them all on here in the near future. In the meantime, I was able to interview one of the exotic dancers in miami by the name of Frenchy(short for French Vanilla). She’s real gorgeous, friendly, and dangerously flirty(in a good way)! Read our interview below and leave a comment.

FF:  What’s up sexy?
Frenchy: Wassup
FF:  What’s your nationality?
Frenchy: Puerto Rican, White and Black
FF:  Are you originally from Miami?
Frenchy: No. I’m from the Bronx, NY
FF: When did you start dancing?
Frenchy: May 2012
FF:  Which club did you first try out? Do you still dance at this club?
Frenchy:  I first tried Club Angels in Miami. I don’t dance there anymore because they have closed down.
FF:  What’s your schedule, day shift or night shift?
Frenchy: Both, it depends on the day. I sometimes pull a double shift.
FF:  Being that you work with so much women I know you overhear some crazy gossip and see unbelievable situations unfold. What was the MOST wildest thing you experienced in the dressing room so far?
Frenchy:  One of the wildest things was two dancers who apparently didn’t know each other found out their kids shared the same father. I don’t know how the situation turned out later that night but I’m sure there was some huge drama.
FF:  What was your MOST  embarrasing moment with a customer?
Frenchy:  I was giving a customer a lap dance. I got into the dance a little too much and came on his pants lol. Luckily he wasn’t upset and found it kind of cute.
FF:  In addition to good looks, what other characteristics do you think are essential to maximize your earning potential?
Frenchy:  Besides good looks you must definitely have brains(street smarts and book smarts) and a personality.
FF:  Do you get/have repeat customers?
Frenchy:  Yes I have repeat customers.
FF:  Have you ever dated anyone of your customers?
Frenchy: No but I have went on a one time lunch date.
FF:  Do you workout at all or do you just get a workout from dancing?
Frenchy:  Yes, I do cardio only. I  jump rope at home
FF:  Can you give me a complimentary lapdance?
Frenchy: I don’t work for free, the only person who gets free lap dances is my man.
FF:  Where can the people reading this interview follow you online?
Frenchy:  As far as online, no where yet. You can find me at King of Diamonds Mondays and at The Office the rest of the week.

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  1. Rodney DarNeLL Brown says:

    Sweet!!!!!!!!! Yes she is!

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