Interview with Exotic Dancer Buttah Cup

One thing I respect is a dancer that not only grinds in the club, but also on twitter. Twitter has become a platform for strippers to not only put their business and everybody else business out there(just kidding) but to keep you up to date with events, tours, etc. Their active social networking keeps fans informed, entertained and pleased. Today I welcome Buttah Cup from Duval County, FL. Buttah Cup possess a glowing aura, hustling mentality along with a beautiful smile. Here is our brief interview below………….

Buttah Cup

Height: 5’1″

Weight: 135

FF:  Whats poppin’ sexy?

BC: Nothing! Getting ready to get back on the road AGAIN this week.
FF:  I heard when you’re on stage you make them throw it away! 
BC: Lol, NOT TO TOOT MY OWN HORN, but I just do my job on my stage.
FF:  Did you ever make a mortgage payment and car note in one single night?
BC: All I will say is my bday weekend was EXTREMELY GOOD, shoutout to the Miami people who made it EPIC. 🙂
FF:  Which celebrity showed out the most at the club you worked at?
BC:  TRINA! For her to show so much love in Duval was definitely good to see!
FF:  Where are you currently dancing?
BC: EVERYWHERE! Lol but my home is in Jacksonville, FL at Mascaras.
FF:  On a scale of 1-10 what will you rate your performance skills?
BC: I would give myself an 8. We could always use improvement.
FF:  Are you a beast on the pole?
BC:  I’ve been told I am. I would like to think so!
FF:  From time to time most dancers will reiterate that the clubs are slow and they’re not making what that they’re used to make. Has the weakened economy impacted your earning potential in any way?
BC: Mine personally, no. IM A HUSTLER, dancing isn’t my only source of income.
FF:  How do you distinguish yourself and stand out amongst fellow co-workers at a club that can feature over 50 girls on any given night?
BC:  I stay to myself. Im quiet and drama free.
FF:  Who gave you the name Buttah Cup?
BC: ex boyfriend of mine Lol.
FF:  What advice can you give anyone looking into becoming a dancer?
BC:  Find your “thing” and make a name for yourself. Don’t get in with the “wrong crowd”, it’s easy to become just another stripper vs becoming a must have entertainer.
FF:  The next questions will help us get a better impression of you…
FF:  Favorite color?
BC:  Purple
FF:  Pumps or Wedges?
BC:  Both
FF:  Chest or Arms?
BC:  Chest
FF:  Jaguars going all the way this season?
BC:  Well….lol
FF:  Any shoutouts you will like to give?
BC:  Shoutout to my Babydoll and Tootie! Shoutout to my travel crew and girlfriend MUAH!
FF:  What are your social media networks?
BC: Twitter and instagram FawkMe_IMTATTED facebook BUTTAHCUP

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