Interview with exotic dancer Banana Clip

Right back at ya with yet another dancer feature for the week. In our effort to make this blog site the premiere platform to showcase elite strippers and pole dancers, we pride ourselves in displaying quality talent to ensure viewer satisfaction. My guest today is the fly red bone Banana Clip currently located in Orlando. She’s originally one of the exotic dancers in miami working occasionally at The Office. Keep up with Banana Clip and her endeavours by checking out the interview below………….
FF:  How’s it going beautiful?
BC: Hi, How are You? I’m doing just Fine and Living Life with no complaints and getting to this Money.
FF:  How did you come up with the name “Banana Clip”
BC: Its kind of a long story, it originated from my childhood nick name from my Abuela, she called me Chiquita (like the Banana) .. So, when i got an Instagram, I chose the name Chiquita Banana.. Then one night at work (Cleos) I heard a song by Rick Ross & Lil Wayne, in the song Wayne says “that Banana Clip, let Chiquita Speak”. So i just took it and ran with it and people started calling me that ever since, such as my djs, Dj 4stackz, DjBabyLac, Dissco and the City Boys.. ect
FF:  I see you model, do hair, and dance your a$$ off! How long have you been active in the naked hustle?
BC: I have been active in the dancing industry for about a little over a year.
FF:  According to your facebook page, it says you’re from Hawaii. How often do you travel back to your hometown?
BC:  Lol! Technically, Im not from Hawaii. I put that on my facebook page years ago. Im originated from Key West/Miami via Cuba.
FF:  Which club/clubs you currently work at?
BC: Im currently at Cleos, but I travel from time to time to Tampa (club Hush) and Miami (the Office).
FF:  Where are your skillz more effective at; the pole or the floor?
BC: My skills are the floor, but I do, do my lil thang on the stage, No! im no Pole Guru like a few of my fellow co workers.
FF:  There’s a Tweegram image on your twitter page that indicates dancers need to post with caution because there are alot of vultures individuals watching them. My question is why are dancers showing off their “ones” or there red bottoms online anyway? Is it something they’re trying to prove?
BC: Well, that tweegram originated from a situation i previously heard about in a city near me, where guys are keeping their eyes on certain dancers and their money in terms of robbing them. But, yes most dancers I know feel as though they have something to prove to someone about them “getting money” or feel they need to show of their money. Its cool that their making money, but some guys are at hard times and will go the extra mile and rob a female, follow her home and rob them. They are out there.
FF:  How did that Gucci cake fight at Cleo’s started? lol
BC: We had a Libra Bash for Lovely, Barbie, Foxxi and Chris at Cleos about a week ago and boy did things get outrageous! In the Dressing room, Foxxi kicked off the caking throwing with Slim and everybody kinda joined in, it was fun seeing the drunks end their party night fun, even though cake was everywhere!
FF:  What is your schedule? We have some viewers willing to go to the O just to see you shake….
BC: Im at Cleos mainly Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
FF:  BTW, do you have any videos on youtube?
BC: No, I dont have anything on Youtube. That I know of.
Here are a few more questions to let us know more about you….
FF: Whats your marital status?
BC: Im single
FF: Whats your favorite restaurant?
BC: Anything thats goooood! Everyone that knows me, know I love to eat!
FF: Where are your chill spots in Orlando?
BC:  I’m mainly out on Sundays, that could be Lux, Senso or if someone I support is throwing something somewhere else.
FF:  How many times do you go shopping in one month?
BC:  I try to keep my shopping to a limit. But, I can honestly say once every week to two weeks.
FF:  What is the one quote that you try to live by every single day?
BC: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” – Mark Twain
FF: Thank you for slidin’ through; got any shoutouts?
BC: To EVERYONE that knows Me!
FF:  What are your social media networks??
BC: Twitter: @iChiquitaBanana

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