Interview with Exotic Dancer Apple

Interviewing exotic dancers is starting to become more fun than work. I have to remind myself that these women are truly professional at what they do so I have to act accordingly. I added another treasure to my bloglist this week and I had one helluva time doing it.  They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away however this particular apple will give you a heart attack! Read on to learn more about Apple and try not to stare at her all natural 47…. Apple Height: 5’4″ Weight: 140 Bust: 34 Waist: 22 Hips: 47 apple watts

TF:   Is Apple Watts your stage name?

AW: No just Apple..

TF:  What’s it like dancing in LA? Do they make it rain crazy over there like Miami and Atl.?

AW: Well it depends  where u go I know they make it rain at my job Sin City- LA which alot of celebs cum n support the movement lol

TF: At what age did you start dancing? How long did it take for you to get the feel of it?

AW: I been dancin’, done alot of videos but I started at 20 being an exotic dancer n didnt take long to get the feel of it; I was good already

TF: Do you dance at different clubs or just one?

AW: I dance at alot of clubs over 6 clubs during the week actually n I travel n feature

TF: Now what’s that trick you do with the bottle in between your apple?

AW: lol i just do a trick with big bottles dont wanna say to much lol they have to cum n see what i do with my bottle lol

TF: I noticed that you didn’t post any pics of you dancing on the pole. Do you work the pole at all?

AW: yes i do work on the pole lol i just dont care for the pole i can do as much tricks as the other girls do.  I’ll show off one day but i love the floor thats what im know for.

TF: How many days of the week are you scheduled to work? You look like you can make at least 20K in one night!

AW: I wish i made that i will b owning my goals but i work 7 days a week. Thats all i no is work i want a vacation but i feel like im missen money

TF: Your profile says you like to shop so I’m assuming your wardrobe is crazy and your shoe game sick right?

AW: i love to shop i love heels but im very choosy n i hate to spend money but i do love my shopping lol

TF: Now back to your apple, I’ve been lookin all over the internet and can’t find not one video of you booty shakin! Why??

AW: you have to type it in certain ways apple Watts. Sin city apple barbery Coast on you tube world star.hip hop colony in Hollywood who the gurl in tights i have so many since i was younger on you tube since i was 20. There’s alot lol.

TF: Well can you send us a custom made video one day?

AW: Sure. I’ll do that for you lol i got u

TF: Alot of females are asking how do you keep that body looking so flawless. What’s your secret?

AW: I sleep, eat, and work.  I dont workout my body is naturally like that.  maybe cuz i wrk 7 days idk

TF: What advice can you give aspiring dancers or dancers that been in the game for a minute?

AW: Dont get lost in the game b different stand up for yoself cuz the game is hard n also never stop gettin it while u can.  Dont let it b all bout that have goals  , b humble, save,  and have an account 2 put ur ca$h in.

TF: Thx for comin thru  @ppl3 . You got anybody you wanna shout out?

AW: s/o to haters then real friends @sincity la

TF: I like how you stay active on your social media networks. Tell the viewers where they can follow you at…

AW: @Applewatts and Facebook: Applewatts

2 Responses to Interview with Exotic Dancer Apple

  1. joe says:

    Hey sexy what can I see you dance

  2. David Vasquez says:

    Seen that lady dance would be a dream for me she is flawless and I could tell you one thing she’s on my bucket list things to see or people to meet. I already beat cancer once but if it comes back I don’t know if I’m going to be able to Beat It next time so I definitely would be on my wishlist to see her I got the only wish to have a night with a woman like her she will send me to the pearly gates in Heaven with the biggest smile on my face keep doing what you doing gorgeous F the haters I hope this message finds you

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