Interview with Christina Aguchi……….

Over the past few days I was fortunate to get the current #1 exotic dancer in the country, Christina Aguchi to take time out of her busy tour schedule to kick it with us.  She is taking pole dancing to a whole new plateau. Check out what the champion had to say about this industry and the advice she gives to all pole dancers worldwide.

F&F: Hello there my Asian Queen, state your name and where you’re from
F&F: I know everyone’s wondering what’s your nationality; would you care to tell us?
CA: LOL actually I do get asked this a lot. I’m actually Vietnamese 
F&F: I don’t know about anyone else that’s reading this interview but I had the opportunity to see some of your dance moves and tricks. How long have you been dancing?
CA: I’ve been dancing for a complete 4 years this september. I was a house dancer at the Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys, CA for a year and started featuring almost immediately after.
F&F: Another thing that the readers do not know is that you’re a high level entertainer who performs nationally. How did you get to that plateau?
CA: It’s definitely nothing that you can wake up the next morning and automatically become that’s for sure lol. A lot of hard work, practice, sprains and bruises. Definitely have to win a lot of competitions and always put yourself out there to be seen because honestly, you don’t know who’s watching.
F&F: Now you’re the current 2012 ED National Grand Champion and this is actually your second time winning this title. Did you win any other crowns prior to that?
CA: No unfortunately my schedule didn’t allow me to compete in any other competitions this year other than the national championships.
F&F: I can imagine being a featured entertainer and on the road most of the time is energy draining. How and when do you find the time to train?
CA:  Well as dancers we practice our craft almost everyday if not every weekend and to me…I always perform better when people are watching.
F&F: I just wanted to let you know that you got my vote for the 2012 Miss ED Award.
CA:  LOL well thank u… I didn’t even know I was nominated.
F&F: When you’re not on tour are there any clubs where you’re a resident?
F&F: Tell us your secret in staying so fit……
CA: I live by the blood type diet but I don’t mind cheating every once in a while. Old fashion gym and stripping is the secret
F&F: Where are your favorite places to go shopping and how many pairs of shoes do you own?

CA: I actually only like to go shopping when I absolutely need something. I have a ton of shoes.

F&F:  What advice can you tell other dancers or those looking to become dancers who are trying to elevate their performance skills?
CA: Smile on stage lol! Dance like there’s no tomorrow! And every girl wants to be noticed so when you’re on stage thats your 10 minutes to showoff….so show off!
F&F:  Thx for stopping by Christina. We really appreciate the West Coast love. Do you have anything else you will like to add or anyone you would like to shout out?
CA: Thanks so much for having me and to see more of me follow me on twitter @aguchixxx and check out my website here

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