Interview With Baby Phat 2 Hott 4 U On Twerk Flow.Com


Whats gucci!! Yaw’ll know what it is, I can’t thank you all enough for stopping by and checking out Twerk Flow for all the latest twerk videos and interviews from some of your favorite big booty strippers shuttin’ sh*t da f%ck down. My special guest tonight is without a doubt, a premier trap star in her own right. Displaying sensational “shake” skills not only on stage, but also in the privacy of her own home where she creates stellar twerk videos to the delight of her subscribers. If there is ever an Instagram award for best locker room pics, she will definitely place in the top 3. Let us welcome, Baby Phat 2 Hott 4 U .          (click on the link below the image to listen to the interview)

Location: Atlanta

Trap: Blue Flame Lounge

Instagram: babyphat2hot4u

Baby Phat 2 Hott 4 U

Interview With Baby Phatt 2 Hott 4 U



One Response to Interview With Baby Phat 2 Hott 4 U On Twerk Flow.Com

  1. Sabrina says:

    You asked some really dumb questions like does it show when she’s tired or was she always able to walk in heels, like who cares!? Your dumb questions and lack of energy made the interview really dry and boring. I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing. But I love baby phat tho big ups to her!

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