Interview session with exotic dancer Black Magic

Do you believe in magic? Some ppl do, some people don’t. In this particular case magic exists, Black Magic that is. She is one fine curvy specimen that can put you under a spell with looks to kill and a mind to grind. She makes me wanna head out to Cali and set up a secret sundays with her lol. Read on and see what this hot mama got goin on and where she’s headed with this….

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 160lbs

Bust: 36

Waist: 29

Hips: 45

Shoe size: 7

FF:  Whats up Magic? How’s everything going?*

BM: Great I cant complain one bit.

FF:  How long have you been dancing and where did you first start?

BM: I’ve been dancing since I was 18. The first club I danced at wasnt even a club it was a bar that had wet t-shirt contest lol. The owner ended up buying a Strip Club few years later called Vixen & Pink Diamonds, they were the ONLY urban stripclub SF has ever had.

FF:  You’re originally from Greenwood, Mississippi and are now located in Oakland, CA. When did you make that move to the bay area and how do you like the West Coast?

BM: My parents moved here when I was a kid. I went back for school. But now I only go to visit family. Its way too slow for me. I love the Bay area if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.
                                                                                                                                                             FF:  Which club do you dance at? How long have you been dancing there?
                                                                                                                                                          BM:  I work at Secret Sundays in L.A. I fly out every week just to work & I feature at Club 21 in Oakland. Other than that I travel & do private shows & events.
FF:  You also provide entertainment services to private clients, tell us a little something about your exotic dancing agency.

BM: Magic City Ent is my company.  We do events, music videos, private parties and host club parties all around the Bay.

FF:  How advantageous is it dancing at private parties rather than dancing at the clubs? Are the booking engagements consistent?

BM:  I LOVE PRIVATE PARTIES!! Less time, easier work & everyone knows what they’re there for so tipping is a must. With private parties there is NEVER a slow season like with clubs. Someone is always getting married, having a birthday, or in need of some entertainment. We carry portable poles as well for doing floor work & tricks. Never a  dull moment money is good.

FF:  I see that you’re a pole dance instructor as well. Can you elaborate more on that?

BM: I’ve been teaching classes for a little over 3 years, now so I stay busy.

FF:  Dancing alone is a upper and lower body workout; do you set aside additional time to exercise?  

BM: Workout is a must. I go to Inner Athlete bootcamp 3-4times a week  Im a lil older with a kid so I have to maintain.

FF: How good are you at making your a$$ clap? 

BM: I’m GREAT! I even teach the ladies in my class how to do it.

FF:  There are ppl reading this interview right now that want you to give us a demonstration of your skills. Can you send us a custom video?

BM:  I’ll send it to you guys a.s.a.p, its being edited.

FF:  Is your clothing and accessory line, “Guilty Pleasures”, catered to exotic dancers only or is it versatile?

BM: I dont do those anymore. Im currenty a licensed cosmetologist & makeup artist. I have my own designer from NC, Tutu Boutique.

FF:  When you’re not busy working, where do you like to shop and how many pairs of shoes do you own?

BM: I shop everywhere. I buy what I like. It could be $2000 or $2. If I like it Im gonna buy it. As far as shoes OMG I have 100’s I cant keep count.

FF:  You have any suggestions or tips for aspiring dancers?                                                             

BM: Branding is EVERYTHING…Dont just be a dancer, learn to market yourself; that way you’ll never go broke. Stay focused on the business side of it, know your value & dont get caught up in the bull.

FF:  It was great having you here Magic; For all of us that didn’t get enough of you where can we find you online?

BM:  You can find me on instagram, @iam_blackmagic,, and on youtube. For can also contact me via email

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