#FuckItUpChallenge Goes Viral!

Move over Mannequin challenge, there’s a new internet sensation taking social media by storm. By now, you should know that jersey club is the music of choice for most twerkers when they really want to turn up. The latest buzz is called the #fuckitupchallenge produced by DJ Telly Tellz. This record was previously released almost a year ago and has been given new life thanks to an influx of young ladies making twerk videos, dancing to the smash hit. There are hundreds of these videos circulating online right now. You can’t help but to notice the hashtag as soon as you log on to Instagram. Below are just a few of the many #fuckitupchallenge twerk vids generating over millions of views combined.

Twerk Lola

Nina Miami

Kia Killsz

Cocaine Honey


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