#FoxxyTheBrand: “I Use To Be A Dancing Doll”


Twerking is not just for girls with fat posteriors and thick thighs as some may think. There are other categories, yes categories, that plenty of other twerkers fall in rather easily. We have bbw twerkers, mid size thick, fun size and lastly petite. Today’s guest falls in the petite category. Wait, you might think that she’s too skinny to shake that ass and she’s just trying to get attention. Well it’s time to silence all critics because lil booties matter. She’s a former dancing doll(She had to leave the group once she turned 18) and competitions are what she does best. We’re talking professional right here. IMO, I think my special guest can outwerk your top 5. Let us welcome miss #FoxxyTheBrand to our audience today and let her skills speak for itself. Check out her video below and leave a comment.

Foxxy The Brand Instagram Page

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  1. gary scott says:

    sexy as hell!

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