Featured Entertainer Of the Day: @NovieVixen

As a stripper fanatic, there is so much excitement in the air when interviewing beautiful entertainers such as my next guess. There is always the rush of finding new talent before the majority of the world has seen them. Now that its 2013, strippers are seen in an entirely new light. Their more like celebrity status now and the transition from the pole to the silver screen is not far fetched for them at all. Today, it is my pleasure to host  Vixen from the Twin Cities. She has so much going on and it’s hard to keep up with her but since I was fortunate to to briefly grab her attention, I’ll let her tell you about the exciting stuff in her life.

Entertainer: Vixen

Location: St. Paul/Minneapolis

Trap: Augie’s Cabaret

FF:  Hello and welcome to the Fame and Fortune Dancer’s Blog site.

Vixen: Hello

FF:  How does it feel to be a superhero at night?

Vixen: I’m a super hero 24 hours a day, not just at night

FF:  Tell us how does it feel like to go back to work and up the pole after a really long night before?

Vixen: Sometimes its really exhausting, but you forget about all the body aches when you see them bands.

FF:  How’s your relationship with the pole; does it beat you up every now and then?

Vixen: I just started dancing this summer, so there’s lots to learn. I have some pole moves, but i’m working on my upper body strength and its getting there!! Overall I’m more of a ass shaker/twerker

FF:  When was the last time you pulled a muscle?

Vixen: Hmm I’m gonna say never

FF:  Other than being a psychologist, did you ever think that you can make good money by giving people your attention?

Vixen: What?! lol

FF:  Did you just graduate out of HS last year?

Vixen: No, I Graduated in 2011.

FF:  You knew for sure that’s what you wanted to do while you were sitting at your graduation ceremony thinking about how you’re gonna pay for college?

Vixen:  I have always been a dancer and exotic. I was the girl at the parties embarrassing the girls who THOUGHT they knew how to dance and going toe to toe with the girls that did. I have always wanted to be a stripper because I am a performer. Worked fast food all High school and never again. I’m in college now at the University of Minnesota and at my graduation I was hoping scholarships and grants would pay for it.

FF:  What were you thinking the first time they made it rain on you?

Vixen: Keep the rain coming

FF:  What was the most amount of girls the club had on schedule and how did you make yourself stand out from the bunch?

Vixen: I don’t count other bitches I just focus on myself, I could care less how many other girls are working.  I try to make my outfits stand out always and I only wear things that complement my shape

Here are some general questions……

FF: What are your pet peeves?

Vixen: Broke niggas that come to strip clubs just to watch and not tip

FF: If you could take a year off to travel, where would you go?

Vixen: Tokyo, Japan

FF: Do you believe in miracles?

Vixen: All day everyday

FF: What’s your favorite quote?

Vixen: “To be great is to be misunderstood”

FF: How often do you check your email?

Vixen: I have more than one, depends.

FF: You’re amazing Vixen!! I wish I could have u a little longer but I know ur schedule is starting to get a little hectic! Do you have any shoutouts??

Vixen: Shout out to my family and close friends

FF:  What are your online networks?

Vixen: You can follow me on Twitter @NovieVixen Instagram novievixen and on Facebook

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