Featured Entertainer Of The Day: Marly Aleksandrova @_infamousMarly

What’s up to all my readers out there. As we anxiously await the arrival of the new year, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to end 2012 with a bang. Todays guest was previously featured on fame and fortune exotic dancer’s blog as a premiere twerker. Her video and her astonishing features created a demand for more information about her. Luckily, she took time out of her rigorous schedule to sit down and let us enter her world for a moment. Ladies and Gents, back by popular demand; the marvelous Marly Aleksandrova.

Location: Seattle, WA

Trap: Dream Girls



TF: Hey Marly, how’s everything with you?

Marly: Great, thanks for asking.

TF: Are you from Seattle or NY? Where do you call home now?

Marly: Born and raised in Seattle, lived in NY for a while. Now back in my home state!

TF: Please forgive me for discovering you so late; it was of paramount importance to feature you on this blog due to overwhelming requests from the viewers. We’re all wondering, “what’s your background”?

Marly: My background huh. Well my mother is Thai, and my father is Romanian. So that makes me Asian/White haha, very rare. I’m the last of a dying breed.

TF: Are you the only “Bad B#tch” at the club or is there some competition?

Marly: I kno I’m a bad bitch! But I don’t look at anyone as my “competition”. I can’t say the same for the other ladies tho.



TF: I would suppose because of your looks and of course your performance skills, you attract not only alot of cash but also jealousy and hate. How do you cope with negative energy in an environment like that?

Marly: I don’t have time to worry or care about irrelevant people. I keep my grass cut low, never have more than 2 people in my circle.

TF: Were you ever involved in a cat fight with other strippers at the club?

Marly: Surprisingly not yet, haha. I did get into a little altercation where another lady and I got into an argument. But kno that I may be 5’3, 112lbs and pretty…..I’m always ready to fight. I can defend myself whether its 100 bitches VS. me.

TF:  How did becoming a a dancer change your life? Do you think differently about everything now?

Marly: Hmmm, It changed my life alot. I was engaged, now I’m single due to my choice of “career”. It hasn’t changed my outlook on anything.



TF:  What was the most amount of money you had in “ones”

Marly: The most I had in ones, was probably $300? And it was my first night performing.

TF:  When was the last time players from the Mariners’ or the Seahawks came thru and showed love?

Marly:  This past Saturday!! The Seahawks came thru, made it rain. And one of the players requested me for VIP. So that was an exciting experience.

FF:  Do you have immediate family members or close friends that were against your line of work and yet are the main ones asking you for money all the time?

Marly: I’m living a double life, haha. So no one knows. There are maybe two or three of my siblings that kno, but doesn’t bother them.



TF:  What’s the one advice you would give to aspiring dancers?

Marly: Fuck what everyone thinks. If they’re not with you, leave em behind.

Here are some general questions……….

TF: When was the last time you were drunk?

Marly: Last night.

TF: What countries have you traveled to?

Marly: None, sadly.

TF: What would you do tomorrow if you found $1,000,000 in your bank account?

Marly: Peace out, I’m outta here to Paris, Rome and everywhere else haha

TF: What is your favorite breakfast food?

Marly: Pancakes, and eggs w/ ketchup!

TF: If we learn from our mistakes, why are we so afraid to make mistakes?

Marly: Because everyone wants to be a perfectionist, but nobody’s perfect.

TF: That’s all the questions for now Marly, you truly made every ones day for coming thru. You got any shout outs?

Marly: Thanks for having me! Shoutouts to my bestfriend, Baby D and his little bundle of joy on the way. God bless them. Shoutout to my mans, K Smith. The only person i trust with my life. And shout out to my one and only….always and forever will love you, Mel.

TF:  What are your social media networks?

Marly: Twitter.com/_infamousMarly

Skype: infamousMarly

Instagram: @_infamousMarly


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