Featured Entertainer Of the Day: Exotic Dancer Butta Scotch

Hello once again and i hope everyone had a merry and joyful Christmas. As always, I work almost around the clock to bring to you the hottest and up and coming trendsetters in the stripping industry. As we enter the exciting world of the naked hustle, let us welcome one of the entertainers from what many people consider the “stripping capital” of the country, lets give it up for the beautiful Butta Scotch.

Location: Atlanta

Club: Pin Ups

FF: Hello Gorgeous, how are you today?

Butta Scotch: I’m great, enjoyed my Christmas.

FF: By the way, happy belated B’day! Did you enjoy it?

Butta Scotch: Thank you and yes I did. I had a great birthday

FF: Are Sags freaky?

Butta Scotch: Yes, we definitely can be freaky.

FF: Is it true that short girls are the best?

Butta Scotch: Some of us, yes.

FF: Did you get to spoil your kids for Xmas with all that shake money
you making?

Butta Scotch: I actually don’t have any kids but I do have a 4 year old sister who got spoiled instead.

FF: Were all of her Christmas presents purchased with ones?

Butta Scotch: (laughs) No.

FF: How long did it take to get used to dancing all night in high heels?

Butta Scotch: Not long and besides you learn to do things alot quicker when there’s money involved.

FF: Are your feet hurting you now?

Butta Scotch: No

FF: What were your close friends’ reactions when you told them you were a

Butta Scotch:  They were naturally shocked at first but their learning to live with it.

FF: Why are alot of strippers living the single life?

Butta Scotch: When you get into the stripping industry its really hard to find a guy who’s ok with your work place as well as finding a guy who isnt just trying to get into your pants.

Here are some general questions……

FF: Do you have any addictions?

Butta Scotch: No addictions

FF: Is there a certain person in your life you love so much, you’d be
willing to give your life for them?

Butta Scotch: My mother

FF: Do you think about past lovers?

Butta Scotch: No because their PAST lovers so they should definitely stay there lol.

FF: Have you ever been to jail?

Butta Scotch:  Yes, I have

FF: What’s your # 1 most played iTunes song?

Butta Scotch: Rihanna – Pour It Up

FF: Thats all the questions for now sweety, you’re welcome to stop by
anytime. Do you have any shoutouts?

Butta Scotch: Yes, I definitely wanna shoutout  Club Pin-Ups in Atlanta along with all the other hard working strippers out there taking care of their families. If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, you should definitely come check me out.

FF: What are your social media networks?

Butta Scotch:  You can find me on Twitter @velvetrose21 and also on Instagram butta_scotch22

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