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Welcome to the all new interview section on Twerk Flow. On this page, you will read and listen to interviews from people who are making major contributions to the twerking industry.  These are individuals who not only keep the movement alive, but also make it extremely beneficial and fun to an everyday lifestyle.


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Interview Link: https://twerkflow.com/swag-russian-panda-i-compete-2-4-times-a-year/






Vine: TeeCee





TF: How are you TeeCee?

TC:  I’m great, thank you.

TF:  How long have you been twerking on Vine?

TC:  I’ve been twerking on Vine since Summer 2014.

TF:  When did you realize it was something that you can capitalize off of?

TC:   Probably about a month after I started posting videos.  I started noticing the feedback I was getting and I just kind of ran with that.

TF:   How often do you get requests to twerk to independent artists’ music?

TC:    A few requests per week.

TF:    How did you become the Twerk Queen Of Vine?

TC:    The account owner of Twerk Queens(Vine)  asked me to enter the contest. I was a little hesitant at first because I’ve never done anything like that. He assured me that it would be fine and that it was just for the heck of it. I finally agreed and the first time I won, I was voted for Twerk Queen.  The second time I won again, maintaining the title my viewers gave me.

TF:    Do you set specific days and times to make twerk videos or are they spontaneous?

TC:    Always spontaneous.

TF:    Any plans on setting up a youtube account?

TC:     Most likely. It is highly requested.

TF:     Now that you’re no stranger to virtual twerk contests; can we expect to see you battle in the real world?





Doll Bby [Show Girls]



TF:  Welcome to the site; how are things with you so far?

DB:  Hey! Thanks for having me. First I’ll start off by saying happy new years and so far so good. Everything is going good in 2015. I have shows to do and money to make so everything is good so far.

TF:  You’re always cheerful and funny in your twerk videos.  Is that how you’re really are or sometimes?

DB:  That’s actually how I am 24-7 Lol. Anybody that knows me know I’m the fun party girl.

TF:   Your most recent youtube twerk video was the BBE challenge. How many takes you had to do to get it down pat?

DB:   Actually, my BBE challenge wasn’t hard at all. I just had to study the actual song and learn the beat which took a few minutes of having it on replay.




TF:   What are some things you do for preparation prior to making a twerk video?

DB:   [Lol] What don’t I do! I do my hair, makeup, pick an outfit, set up my radio, laptop and phone(which always fall Lol). Then I press play and do my thang.

TF:   Some people say twerking is just booty shaking. What other aspects of it you think makes it much more different today?

DB:   Twerking is not just shaking your ass, it’s a technique.  You have ticking, throwing it in a circle, moving one cheek, etc. You can’t just shake your ass and call it twerking.

TF:    As you already know, you’re booked for the TFBL competition in a few weeks. How do you mentally and physically plan on training yourself to be in top form?

DB:   To be honest, I don’t. I just show up, do my thang and leave. Win or lose, you will remember me after I perform.

IG: _showgirlneek


Kristina Moskov [Australian Twerk Team]

Today we’re hanging out with the Hottie Heels instructor, Kristina Moskov from Melbourne, Australia.  In our interview, she details how twerking is more than just a lifestyle and how it quickly accelerated to the most sought after form of fitness for women. Also, read more information about the 8 week twerk course that officially started a few days ago and her innovative Twerk Workout App for iPhone and Android.


IG: aussietwerk_captain_melbourne



TF:  How you’re doing Kris? Welcome to the site!


KM: Good! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my experience of twerking in Australia on your site.


TF:  You’re originally from Russia: When did you move to Melbourne?


KM: I moved to Melbourne 16 months ago.


TF:  You carry the title “Aussie Twerk Captain”. Are you the captain of a specific team?


KM: Yes, I am the Captain of my Twerk Team based in Melbourne, VIC  and since I’ve started to run workshops around Australia I started to call myself an “Aussie Twerk Captain”.


TF:  Twerking has became a worldwide phenomenon in a relatively short time. Did it already exist in Australia before the twerk workshops began?


KM: Vaguely. There were some studios conducting booty dance classes, there were some people organizing twerk parties, where they taught girls some basic movements and that’s it. I tried some of these booty classes and realized that no one is actually teaching you any twerk technique and there is no any system at all. After that I started to run first Twerk Dance class at the local dance centre which later grew into aussietwerk.com


TF:  What’s the feeling that you get after each completed twerk class and students giving positive feedback about the way you teach?


KM: Well, I love to twerk, I love to teach and when I combine these two activities and get a positive feedback from my students – I’m happy:)


TF:  How many studios have you used to conduct your workshops so far?


KM:  I started this September and so far I’ve conducted 13 workshops. Starting from the 7th of November I’ll be conducting from five to seven workshops during the week up until Christmas time. I’ll cover Eastern and Southern parts of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.


TF:  What is the average duration of these workshops?


KM:  90 minutes


TF:  Give us some details about your app and some of its features.


KM:  Yep, about 5 months ago my husband suggested to film Twerk steps that I was teaching, divide them into three levels and release an App on the AppStore. This is how we launched our first app-TWERK. App includes: Beginners and Intermediate Levels easy-to follow lessons; Twerk Showcases and Slot Machine. In addition to that, later this year we released another one – 5 Minute Twerk Workout App, which is mainly based on the basic twerk movements that everyone can do everyday to strengthen quads, glutes, hamstrings, lower back and abs. This App comes with in-build Body Mass Index Calculator and organizer to book your 5 minute twerk sessions in advance. At the moment Apps are only available on the AppStore, but very soon they will be available on Google Play as well.

TF:  What is Aussie Hottie Heels?


KM:  AussieHottieHeels is the name of my show that me and my students started to perform in June 2014. The Show is mainly based on such dance styles as High Heels, Go-Go, Expressive Strip and Twerk. These styles are not yet popular in Australia and that’s why we are bringing them here.


TF:  What advice will you give twerkers that want to take it to the next level but are deeply concerned about what people will think or say about them?


KM: Look, If you like twerking,  getting better workouts doing some twerk stands than going to the gym, and if you simply love to shake your butt to the popular twerk music, then follow your excitement and forgive those who are not yet up to speed with the modern dance culture.


With profound gratitude, and with hope for your continued pleasure of twerking;)

Aussie Twerk Team Captain




Bubble BC [Spanish Twerk Team]

Read on as dance instructor, Bubble BC, breaks down her dancing experience, bringing DHQ competitions to her native of Spain, and her career as an instructor at ON Dance Studios.


IG:  Bubble BC







TF:     Hola!

BBC:   Hola Amigo!

TF:     What does the “BC” after Bubble stand for?

BBC:   Actually it’s for my surnames: B for Botello and C for Carrillo. My full name is Isabel Botello Carrillo.

TF:      How long have you been a dancer?

BBC:    I started dancing when I was 13. However, since I was a child I listened to Hip Hop music; but the problem is that in my hometown, there wasn’t much hip hop culture. So I went to a dance studio to look for some classes but it took me two years to find what I really wanted to learn.

TF:      Are you a DHQ competitor?

BBC:    Nowadays I’m not, but I would love to! I do dance DHQ and take alot of its steps and influences into my twerk classes, but there is not many opportunities for competitions in my country. Actually, in my hometown of Sevilla, there are no DHQ competitions at all.  That’s why one of my purposes is to bring the Dancehall culture to my city.



TF:      When did you add the art of twerking to your arsenal?

BBC:    It was funny. Six years ago I took part in a “Booty Shake” competition here in Sevilla, in a famous Hip Hop party called “Only Funky”.  I did it just for fun, in fact, I didn’t know anything about twerking techniques, but i enjoyed it so much and I even won the competition! Since then I kept practicing twerking as a hobby. Last year I decided to do it professionally.

TF:      What kind of health benefits can one gain utilizing twerking in their fitness routines?

BBC:    All of them! LOL. It gets your booty up.  Twerking works out the lower body, specifically quadriceps and gluteus, and it’s a really high-level cardio training!

TF:       You’re one of the instructors at ON Dance Studios.  How long have you been teaching there and what are some of the dancing styles that you cover?

BBC:     I’ve been teaching at ON Dance Studios for two years and I cover hip hop, dancehall, twerking….. I even teach a class for moms! I practically live here!

TF:       When did you form “Spanish Twerk Team” and how many members does it consist of?

BBC:    Spanish Twerk Team was born only two months ago!  That’s hard for me to believe it because there have been a lot of events since then fortunately! It all started when Gsus Villau, the director of ON Dance Studios and close friend of mine, suggested to record a promotional video for twerking classes.  So I called four more girls and we did it.  We had a good time and felt such a great connection together, that the five of us decided to create the group; So here we are!

TF:       Do you think more women in Spain will start twerking as it remains to be popular in the mainstream?

BBC:    In Spain, there were already many twerk teams before ours; but in Sevilla, we could say we brought the culture.   I think there are many women in my city and in Spain that want to twerk dance, now we give them the opportunity to do it.

TF:      Final question, when will we see Bubble BC enter a twerk competition?

BBC:    I’m looking forward to entering a next one;  as soon as I have the opportunity I will and I” let you guys know as well!





Que Rose


Today we chop it up with K Stylis dancer and one-half of the “Showgirllss”, the sexy Que Rose. Read on as she speaks of the absence of the twerk scene in her hometown of Baltimore, twerking from city to city, and possibly opening up her very own dance studio.

IG: querose21




TF:  Whats up Ms. Rose!!

QR:  Hello

TF:   What are your views on the current state of twerking?

QR:   Well, Twerking is not a career even though people make it seem that way. It’s a form of talent; not everyone can twerk.

TF:    Is there a twerking scene in your hometown?

QR:   No, not at all. I would say the Showgirllss are the ones that brought twerking to our hometown.

TF:    In your opinion, name your top 5 cities that have a strong twerk presence…..

QR:   I will say Jackson, MS, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, Houston, and St. Louis

TF:    Who came up with the idea to formulate Showgirllss?

QR:    It was the idea of a promoter name Zek aka E4GP from Baltimore. It all started in a club called Mirage.



TF:    What’s it like being a dancer for the “King Of Twerk” K Stylis?

QR:   Hmmmm, this is the first time anyone has asked this in an interview LOL. Well, it’s definitely a big opportunity and a dream come true. I am so grateful for the fact he allowed us to be a part of his team. It’s alot of fun, you get to meet alot of people, but it’s also alot of hard work. I love it.

TF:   What’s good with Twerkcise? When was it started and how are things coming along with it?

QR:   It’s a new thing that I came up with in my stylist’s hair salon.  We all suggested I start hosting twerk classes and make it a work-out at the same time.  Believe it or not, a lot of girls want to learn how to twerk.  I also do floor and chair dancing and little routines here and there. It has been going on for about two months now so it’s doing OK.

TF:   How often do you practice on perfecting your craft?

QR:   I dance all the time, since I could remember. It comes naturally to me.

TF:   Out of all the possible kicks to choose from; what is your favorite and most comfortable to get busy in?

QR:   LOL I would say J’s and Griffeys’

TF:    What can we expect to see from Que Rose in the near future?

QR:    I plan on dancing with other celebrities and still continue to dance for K Stylis.  My biggest dream right now is to  open my own dance studio and also do some magazines, more videos, etc.





Twerk Queen Louise


The Danish twerkaholic sits down with us today to show some booty love 😉 Read what Louise has to say on the popularity of twerking in Denmark,  performing alongside major American artists, and possibly competing in upcoming twerk competitions.

IG:  twerkqueenlouise

FB:  TwerkQueenLouise




TF:     Hello Louise! Welcome to TwerkFlow…

TQL:  Hello and thanks 🙂

TF:     How did you earn the title “Twerk Queen”?

TQL:  Well originally I didn’t earn it, I took it 🙂 I was talking to a singer here in Denmark about maybe working towards calling myself the “Twerk Queen” and he looked at me and said “Who else should it be?!” So I took the “crown” and for weeks I expected my facebook to be stormed with girls wanting to battle me for the title, but that never happened. So yeah I still have the crown 🙂 Also after that I won a Twerking Championship in Amsterdam.

TF:     How long have you been twerking?

TQL:  Hmm, it’s a difficult question for me to answer because I was twerking before I knew it was called twerking. I have been dancing dancehall for 7 years, and always gravitated towards the hip-booty-focused part of dancehall queen style. It sort of felt like home for my body. Then one day, some years ago I saw this video of Sultry Simone twerking: http://youtu.be/ZrgVUxqIQVo  and I was like waaau “can I do that?”, and I looked back at my booty and did it. From that day on I started to focus on my twerking, and yeah adapted the twerk TWERK!

TF:    Was twerking already popular in Denmark before you came about or did you single handedly bring it to the forefront?

TQL:  Haha I wouldn’t say I brought it to Denmark, I’m partly thanking Miley Cyrus for making it mainstream because a lot of the movements in twerk are so alike with dancehall queen style. I would say Twerking, of course, was present in Denmark but I was the first to really focus on ONLY doing twerk as a dance, and not just as a drunken move 🙂 I also got a helping hand by being on TV and performing with known Danish artist as well as Major Lazer this summer. That really promoted me as THE twerker in DK 🙂


TF:     How did the opportunity to perform with Major Lazer at this years’ Roskilde Festival present itself?

TQL:  Yeah As I mentioned earlier, that was an amazing experience! Well, I actually met Diplo when I lived in Amsterdam. I was in a club just doing my thing the night before Queens night, and one girl asked me If I wanted to dance on stage(I always wanna dance on stage LOL). I just went up there had fun, got my twerk on. Afterwards, Ruben from the Party Squat(a DJ duo for Holland) approached me and asked if I wanted to dance for Diplo, who was performing the next night(I always wanna dance for Diplo).

So I did; and I must have done something right cause after the show I wanted to say hi backstage; he gave me his email and said to check out there tour, because he would love to have me on stage again. Due to my school schedule, that opportunity didn’t happen. 6 months later, I got an email from him stating that one of his dancers was injured and he wanted me to come along on the tour. Unfortunately(again) she got better, but when I saw they were playing at Roskilde, I sent him an email asking if he needed an extra booty on stage. An hour later he wrote “Let’s Do It!” And yeah the rest can be seen here:  http://youtu.be/Mh5gsP7NQEI
TF:     Do you see yourself entering professional twerk competitions in the near future?
TQL:  Well we are actually working on the first Danish Twerk Championships. it’s going to be on Nov.1st but i’m not entering, since I’m arranging and judging it. i think, if I had to enter a twerk off it would have to be outside Denmark, since I have already established myself vry much here now. The UK have some pretty impressive twerkers. I would love to battle there or maybe come overseas and visit the states  soon! 🙂
TF:     I’m sure that many girls who are seriously into twerking have that one signature move that they do so effortlessly; what is your favorite move?
TQL:  Hmm it changes all the time. This past summer I have been working on my headstand, and there’s all kinds of tricks you can do with that. I also really love a good ole bubble butt 🙂


Brooklyn Sanchez: ToneNTwerk


Getting in shape may seem like it’s hardwork and challenging to some. Many people start to to find find their way to the gym and after a few weeks lose interest and self motivation. Well what if your workout regimen included intense twerking; would you reconsider  throwing on the boy shorts and chuck taylors?

Thanks to outstanding champion bubbler, Brooklyn Sanchez, working out can be a fun and rewarding experience. I had the pleasure of entering the mind of ToneNTwerk’s co-founder and received some insights on her fitness classes, twerking in the UK, and the future of TNT. Read the interview below.


IG: tonentwerk





TF:  Hello and Welcome to #TwerkFlow

BS:  Hi There

TF:  How and when did ToneNTwerk establish?

BS:  I did a dance booking for Jump Off TV. We got talking and realized there was a gap in the market for twerking fitness classes.  I was bored with what most gyms have to offer in terms of dance based fitness classes so we partnered up and launched TNT.

TF:  I’m pretty sure there are plenty of twerk shops in the UK due to the popularity of twerking. How is your style of teaching different and what benefits do you offer students that they might not find elsewhere?

BS:  I think what separates ToneNTwerk™ from other classes in the UK is that with us your getting a real workout whilst learning AUTHENTIC Twerk dancing and movement. Myself and my instructors can really Twerk but we also care about the fitness aspects behind it.

TF:  Does it take a great deal of patience for ladies to know how to bounce? Does it take a lot of time for your students to get the hang of it?

BS:  Not really, at times you will find there might be some challenging movement but I have great instructors that encourage and give people the confidence that people find themselves picking things up and doing movement that they never thought they could do before they stepped through the door.



 TF:  Who is and/or who are the instructors of the fitness classes?
 BS:   I teach most of the classes that are available on GymBox timetables but I also have two brilliant dance/fitness instructors; Olu Alatise and Valerie Nobbe; who teach at GymBox Bank in London.
TF:   You recently held a casting for dancers that can twerk: Did it go well?
BS:    It was amazing! I was so shocked at the turn out. Twerking is big at the moment but people over here are still a bit sceptical when they hear anything to do with Twerking, so I was pleasantly surprised to see so many girls at the casting.
Footage is up on YouTube so make sure you check that out
TF:   Do you see a continuing interest for twerking?
BS:   Yes! If the right people are waving the flag for it. Hell Yes!
TF:   When will we see Brooklyn Sanchez enter a twerk competition?
BS:   I don’t enter them I judge them…..but never say never.
TF:   That’s all the questions I have for you right now.  Is there anything you will like to add?
BS:    Look out for ToneNTwerk™ coming to States early 2015!!!
image (2)




Lexy Panterra: Lex Twerkout

Today we start the week off with someone who is making great strides in helping those achieve a healthier lifestyle. This is not your ordinary training at the gym. This is something more unique, and burns calories while you’re having fun at the same time.  If you haven’t heard by now, there is a popular fitness course by the name of Lex Twerkout that is taking the country by storm and that’s just the beginning. These twerkout sessions not only attended by regulars, but celebrities as well. I had the pleasure of chopping it up with renowned twerk instructor Lexy Panterra to give you her opinion on the growing twerking trend and her super dope twerk workout classes.


Lexy Panterra IG: @twerkout  @lexypanterra Twitter: @lextwerkout Web: www.lextwerkout.com


TF:  Hello Lexy! How are you today?
LP:  Everything is great! Working hard and blessed!
TF: How and when did you learn how to twerk so good?
LP: I have been a dancer my whole life so that may help !? Lol
TF: Did you ever think that twerking would be so popular in this day and age?
LP: I never really thought about it!
TF: How have you embraced the popularity that it has reached?
LP: Well i can say that i just made it into something everyone can benefit from!
TF: How did LexTwerkOut come about and how long has it been around?
LP: Its only been 6 months, and it was just from some youtube inspiration!
TF: What is the concept behind your twerkout series?
LP:  I want to make people feel confident and I wanna burn some calories!
TF: What are the requirements for someone to sign up for your twerk shops?
TF: Do you conduct these classes weekly in your hometown?
LP: Yes always! Unless I am teaching in another state.
TF: What is the one thing you will like for an attendee to get out of your sessions?
LP: To walk out feeling like Beyonce 🙂
TF: Using your imagination, where do you see the future of twerking headed?
LP: I am getting the class to be certified so I can  have people trained all over the world and they can teach as well just like a zumba class. I am putting out lextwerkout music, and I want to have studios all over as well! Who else knows!