Exclusive Interview With Twerk Queen Louise

The Danish twerkaholic sits down with us today to show some booty love 😉 Read what Louise has to say on the popularity of twerking in Denmark,  performing alongside major American artists, and possibly competing in upcoming twerk competitions.

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TF:     Hello Louise! Welcome to TwerkFlow…

TQL:  Hello and thanks 🙂

TF:     How did you earn the title “Twerk Queen”?

TQL:  Well originally I didn’t earn it, I took it 🙂 I was talking to a singer here in Denmark about maybe working towards calling myself the “Twerk Queen” and he looked at me and said “Who else should it be?!” So I took the “crown” and for weeks I expected my facebook to be stormed with girls wanting to battle me for the title, but that never happened. So yeah I still have the crown 🙂 Also after that I won a Twerking Championship in Amsterdam.

TF:     How long have you been twerking?

TQL:  Hmm, it’s a difficult question for me to answer because I was twerking before I knew it was called twerking. I have been dancing dancehall for 7 years, and always gravitated towards the hip-booty-focused part of dancehall queen style. It sort of felt like home for my body. Then one day, some years ago I saw this video of Sultry Simone twerking: http://youtu.be/ZrgVUxqIQVo  and I was like waaau “can I do that?”, and I looked back at my booty and did it. From that day on I started to focus on my twerking, and yeah adapted the twerk TWERK!

TF:    Was twerking already popular in Denmark before you came about or did you single handedly bring it to the forefront?

TQL:  Haha I wouldn’t say I brought it to Denmark, I’m partly thanking Miley Cyrus for making it mainstream because a lot of the movements in twerk are so alike with dancehall queen style. I would say Twerking, of course, was present in Denmark but I was the first to really focus on ONLY doing twerk as a dance, and not just as a drunken move 🙂 I also got a helping hand by being on TV and performing with known Danish artist as well as Major Lazer this summer. That really promoted me as THE twerker in DK 🙂


TF:     How did the opportunity to perform with Major Lazer at this years’ Roskilde Festival present itself?

TQL:  Yeah As I mentioned earlier, that was an amazing experience! Well, I actually met Diplo when I lived in Amsterdam. I was in a club just doing my thing the night before Queens night, and one girl asked me If I wanted to dance on stage(I always wanna dance on stage LOL). I just went up there had fun, got my twerk on. Afterwards, Ruben from the Party Squat(a DJ duo for Holland) approached me and asked if I wanted to dance for Diplo, who was performing the next night(I always wanna dance for Diplo).

So I did; and I must have done something right cause after the show I wanted to say hi backstage; he gave me his email and said to check out there tour, because he would love to have me on stage again. Due to my school schedule, that opportunity didn’t happen. 6 months later, I got an email from him stating that one of his dancers was injured and he wanted me to come along on the tour. Unfortunately(again) she got better, but when I saw they were playing at Roskilde, I sent him an email asking if he needed an extra booty on stage. An hour later he wrote “Let’s Do It!” And yeah the rest can be seen here:  http://youtu.be/Mh5gsP7NQEI
TF:     Do you see yourself entering professional twerk competitions in the near future?
TQL:  Well we are actually working on the first Danish Twerk Championships. it’s going to be on Nov.1st but i’m not entering, since I’m arranging and judging it. i think, if I had to enter a twerk off it would have to be outside Denmark, since I have already established myself vry much here now. The UK have some pretty impressive twerkers. I would love to battle there or maybe come overseas and visit the states  soon! 🙂
TF:     I’m sure that many girls who are seriously into twerking have that one signature move that they do so effortlessly; what is your favorite move?
TQL:  Hmm it changes all the time. This past summer I have been working on my headstand, and there’s all kinds of tricks you can do with that. I also really love a good ole bubble butt 🙂

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