Exclusive Interview With “Spanish Twerk Team’s” Bubble BC

Read on as dance instructor, Bubble BC, breaks down her dancing experience, bringing DHQ competitions to her native of Spain, and her career as an instructor at ON Dance Studios.


IG:  Bubble BC




TF:     Hola!

BBC:   Hola Amigo!

TF:     What does the “BC” after Bubble stand for?

BBC:   Actually it’s for my surnames: B for Botello and C for Carrillo. My full name is Isabel Botello Carrillo.

TF:      How long have you been a dancer?

BBC:    I started dancing when I was 13. However, since I was a child I listened to Hip Hop music; but the problem is that in my hometown, there wasn’t much hip hop culture. So I went to a dance studio to look for some classes but it took me two years to find what I really wanted to learn.

TF:      Are you a DHQ competitor?

BBC:    Nowadays I’m not, but I would love to! I do dance DHQ and take alot of its steps and influences into my twerk classes, but there is not many opportunities for competitions in my country. Actually, in my hometown of Sevilla, there are no DHQ competitions at all.  That’s why one of my purposes is to bring the Dancehall culture to my city.


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TF:      When did you add the art of twerking to your arsenal?

BBC:    It was funny. Six years ago I took part in a “Booty Shake” competition here in Sevilla, in a famous Hip Hop party called “Only Funky”.  I did it just for fun, in fact, I didn’t know anything about twerking techniques, but i enjoyed it so much and I even won the competition! Since then I kept practicing twerking as a hobby. Last year I decided to do it professionally.

TF:      What kind of health benefits can one gain utilizing twerking in their fitness routines?

BBC:    All of them! LOL. It gets your booty up.  Twerking works out the lower body, specifically quadriceps and gluteus, and it’s a really high-level cardio training!

TF:       You’re one of the instructors at ON Dance Studios.  How long have you been teaching there and what are some of the dancing styles that you cover?

BBC:     I’ve been teaching at ON Dance Studios for two years and I cover hip hop, dancehall, twerking….. I even teach a class for moms! I practically live here!

TF:       When did you form “Spanish Twerk Team” and how many members does it consist of?

BBC:    Spanish Twerk Team was born only two months ago!  That’s hard for me to believe it because there have been a lot of events since then fortunately! It all started when Gsus Villau, the director of ON Dance Studios and close friend of mine, suggested to record a promotional video for twerking classes.  So I called four more girls and we did it.  We had a good time and felt such a great connection together, that the five of us decided to create the group; So here we are!

TF:       Do you think more women in Spain will start twerking as it remains to be popular in the mainstream?

BBC:    In Spain, there were already many twerk teams before ours; but in Sevilla, we could say we brought the culture.   I think there are many women in my city and in Spain that want to twerk dance, now we give them the opportunity to do it.

TF:      Final question, when will we see Bubble BC enter a twerk competition?

BBC:    I’m looking forward to entering a next one;  as soon as I have the opportunity I will and I” let you guys know as well!



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    You twerk like a pro. Twerk for me.

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