Exclusive Interview With @LishaHepburn On Twerk Flow


My guest tonight is the epitome of a trap goddess whether shakin’ on stage or recording her highly favorable youtube webisodes. Despite being shut down by Instagram numerous times, she displays great perseverance by bouncing back and creating a new account; re-gaining thousands of followers instantly. Talented and skilled with a background in tap and ballet, it comes to no surprise that the naked hustle has a promising star on the rise, and rising rapidly. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the sultry Lisha Hepburn.          (click on the link below the pic to listen to the interview)

Location: DC

Trap:  The Stadium Club

Instagram: maserati_hepburn

Twitter: @LishaHepburn

Lisha Hepburn

Interview With Lisha Hepburn


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  1. Vanitypynk says:

    Lisha killin it!!! Love her!!!!

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