Exclusive interview with former exotic dancer Gigi Maguire

Ever wondered about an exotic dancer’s livelihood when retired? You would imagine all of the “ones” accumulated throughout the years probably amount to over 7 digits. Although this is true its hard to determine that because with fast money comes a faster paced lifestyle resulting in mismanagement of money, luxury living, etc. That is not the case with today’s featured entertainer who is also doing a upcoming featured performance at the much anticipated pole event of the year, Pole-A-Thon 2012 at Club Onyx in Philly . Having paved the way for most exotic dancers today and better yet tomorrow, she continues to add-on to her legacy providing useful knowledge to her pupils. A Company that started in 2011, a sold out documentary dvd, and instructional dvd’s soon to be release, she hasn’t even scratched the surface. Ladies and gentlemen let’s welcome the “legendary” Magic City alumni, Gigi Maguire

FF:    Hello GiGi, how has everything been so far?
GM:  Hey!!! Life is great… Hakuna Matata!! No worries…

FF:   Were there any obstacles or temporary setbacks preventing you
from establishing your company at first?

GM:  The only set back I encountered was my own self doubt. I’ve had the idea for about five years before I actually took the steps toward making it happen. I’m my own worst critic & biggest fan (Gemini trait). So after I beat myself up about it, I was able to shake some sense into me to make it happen.

FF:    Now that PFA is up and running; is there an overwhelming amount of students enrolled?

GM:   There is definitely a substantial amount of students but there can never be enough!!  PoleFanAddicts is my perfectly healthy baby that is growing and evolving every day. And I’m a very proud Momma!

FF:    Are some of those students exotic dancers?

GM:  We do have some students that are dancers. We have WAY more non dancers. Our students range from 18-65 all races and sizes. All backgrounds and occupations.

FF:   Are you the sole instructor at your facility or do you have assistance?

GM:  There are a total of three instructors at PoleFanAddicts. Virgo , Nunu and myself. We are all trained in technical dance. They currently work at Magic City. I worked there for six years. My last day was in May of 2010. We celebrated with a party & special performance in December of 2010. I had it recorded and put to DVD. My Last Dance DVD is currently sold out. I’m working on the directors cut. Set for release of the “Last Dance” 1 year anniversary December 10th 2010.

FF:   With the influx of pole dancing facilities popping up worldwide; did the interest of those anxious to learn the art form prompt you to open up shop?
GM:  I ‘ve wanted to teach as long as I can remember.  Ive also wanted my own dance company as a child taking dance classes… ballet, tap, jazz ect. I would have never thought I would end up teaching Pole Fitness & owning a Pole Fitness studio! It’s definitely the hottest fitness trend but I was more influenced by my fans and friends who were anxious to learn. When I was ready to move on from dancing full-time I wanted to transition easily into something I loved doing. So I went & took my Pole Fitness Certification & after 1 year of teaching private lessons & events I opened my downtown Atlanta location.

FF:  How has the exotic dancing profession changed from the time when you were actively involved?

GM:  I haven’t really been gone from the club to see a drastic change. How ever I have noticed the girls are a little more driven. Some of them have stepped it up a bit in and out of the club. I pat myself on the back for setting the blueprint. Lol

FF:  Do you get booked a lot as a featured performer?

GM:  I still get booked as a featured performer. I live being on stage entertaining. Dancing is therapeutic for me. There is no other feeling greater than when people love & respect your art. It’s a God-given talent.

FF:  There are numerous world-class pole competitions annually. Do you compete in any of these events?

GM:  I adore the Championship level dancers!!! I am very good at what I do however I am not on that level. Yet. I watch Felix Cane & Jenyne Butterfly religiously!! They are my pole idols!!!  One of my goals is to get to that level… as well as train others.

FF:  What is the one positive factor in being a featured performer in
comparison to working the local clubs?

GM: Being a featured performer is awesome! It’s so much better than the every night club hustle. You get to travel… you get paid to show up… Flight room car service security all taken care of. You get to have that “other” club experience. And I love going to new cities & gaining new fans! Sharing my talent is second best to the 4 digit check I get paid to come do what it do!! Lol

FF:  Any additional advice or suggestions you will like to offer?

GM:  I respect the hustle. And my advice to all of the ladies in this game or trying to get in this game would be to hustle smarter & not harder!! Save your money. If you can’t buy it twice then you can’t afford it. Think for the future & not today. Shoes,  bags & clothes don’t gain interest.
FF:  Thanks for letting us have you here Ms. Maguire, where online can we keep up with you and upcoming events?
GM:  For class info go to www.polefanaddictsinc.com or call us at 404-919-3219. You can also follow us on twitter @polefanaddicts

For booking myself & the Magic City SnackPack email GigiMaguirePFA@mail.com
Twitter @GigiMaguire
Instagram @GigiMaguire

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