Exclusive interview with exotic dancer/professional pole dancer Lady Syren

It’s finally Friday and the NY Yankees are knocked out of the playoffs. The show still must go on tho. I have today a pretty “Lady” that will soon put this exotic dancing profession in a serious chokehold! My special guest today is the electrifying Lady Syren(you will soon see why she is electrifying). After seeing a couple of her video clips and briefly chatting with her, there’s no doubt in my mind that she is or will become the most prolific entertainer in the dancer world. 
FF: Whats up and welcome to our blog
LS: Hey , Thank you for welcoming me to your Blog
FF: I can tell you take dancing seriously; how long have you been at it?
LS: Its been 14 years for me, I started at age 9/10. My dance back ground as Ballet , Jazz, Modern , Hip Hop , Clown Dance , Salsa, the list can go on and on.
FF: I saw a brief preview of what you can do and I must say that I’m impressed! Maybe its just me, but I haven’t heard of Lady Syren until recently. Do you try to keep a low profile or do you plan to burst on the scene as the next big thing?
LS: Thank you FF,  A few years ago I went by the name Seductive, I dance only for Gay events in Los Angeles and Vegas. that’s where I was found by a Vegas show and work with the company  and was name Lady Syren , based on the way I STOP EVERY SHOW I DO. ( thats why i am called LADY SYREN the SHOWSTOPPER) . I was told I should go to Atl. I came to ATL  with my Vegas show style , Within a few weeks I was on World Star hip hop from Tpain recording me doing my Famous Balloon trick and from there things were moving up. I will say that its more to me then just being an exotic dancer, I am also an actress and professional dancer. I just want to keep the two separate.
FF: May I ask how the name Siren came about?
      LS: Lady Syren (with a Y not I lol). When I tell someone my name  they say LIKE THE COPS? I say no its Greek mythology, the island of the Syrens. It’s about an island of beautiful women who by day are breath-taking, and when the patrias come by, the women sing out beautiful songs and lead the men to their island to crash. They then clean, feed, sex the men and kill them(wink lol). Just like a siren, when people hear and see the lights, what do they do???? You got it, lol they stop in their tracks and watch me.

FF: Can you tell us a little bit about that swallowin’ the balloon trick??
LS: (i knew that was coming) I will say this only
            I DONT HAVE A GAGG  REFLECT.  I will say they are alot of people trying to do what I do. But they can never be YOUR LADY SYREN .
FF. You can booty bounce as well, if not way better than the rest of them. Did you teach yourself how to shake?
LS:  Being a great performer you have to be able to grow. So when I am to Atl and seen this dance call Twerk, I said its nothing.  I had to watch a few dancers and then I was able to have it. Anything that I want I get , Anything I want to learn I will learn. I always practice and yes its true practice make perfect.
FF.  As a featured entertainer, what is the standard time for your stage performance?
LS: The standard time for my shows are based on a based performer rate. My shows can go from 10 mins to 45 mins
FF:  Where was your best performance so far? What did you do that made this performance your favorite one?
LS:  WOW , my best show……. I leave for the stage.  Every Show I do is a great performance. Even i am performing for a show of 50 people to a few thousand I give my heart in every show.
FF:  Judging what you can do on the floor, I can imagine your skills on the pole. Do you compete in the pole dancing circuit?
LS:  I am a pole fitness teacher also, (make sure you check out Vertical Joes in Atl , Ga. for my classes) I love the pole , just call me Pole Meat. (inside Joke)
FF:   What can we expect from Lady Syren in the near future?
LS: I plan on taking the exotic game to the next level. Its more then just seeing a naked women. Its like FINE ART.
I am going to the top.  More tours , more shows , the world will know who LADY SYREN is. This is a Stepping stone for me.
The following questions are for the viewers to get better acquainted………
FF. Favorite strip club??
LS: I have a few . I work at Strokers in Atl,  Urban Nights at the Palamino in Vegas, ST Thomas VI club 75, Sin City Los Angeles, Sue’s New York
FF: Favorite city??
LS: Los Angeles , Dallas , New York,  Atl
FF: How many back peircings do you have?
LS: 8 for now I am getting my whole spin done.
FF: Sexual orientation?
LS: Depends on the weather. (lol)
FF: Whats the one trait that best describes you?
LS: I am a loyal person. Its not just a word to me its my lifestyle.
FF: Thats all the questions for now and we would like to thank you for stoppin by. Do you have any final words or shoutouts?
LS: Thank you for having me once again. I would like to thank all my fans and supporters. I am also in 2013 Playboi Honies 13 month calendar. Get your copy www.XicaB.com (thats my personal career website) also my twitter @SyrenCalls ,Instagram ShowStopperSyren and you can also find me on youtube . For any booking email BOOKINGLADYSYREN@GMAIL.COM

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