Exclusive Interview With Exotic Dancer Zoey

Good morning and happy Monday everyone. It is time once again to share with you all one of twerk flow .com’s  key ingredients, the baddest strippers worldwide. Setting the tone in and out of the club, exotic entertainers have a great deal of intensity, focus, and discipline when it comes to dealing with the stress and tension this hustle can bring. My guest today is a very hard working dancer(stage and pole work), and also very interactive on her social networks. Speaking of social networks, she was recently listed number 5 on Complex Top 25 Hottest Strippers On Instagram. A distinctive honor indeed, I had the pleasure of chatting with our guest to get some more insights on her job, life , etc.  Let us welcome the lovely Victoria bka Zoey.

Exotic Dancer: Zoey

Location: Missoula, Montana

Club: The Fox Club

TF: Hey how’s everything with you?

Zoey:  Great 🙂 We r just getting geared up for summer here and bachelor party season 🙂 the warm weather is definitely putting a big smile in my face. 🙂

TF: Is your stage name Zoey or Victoria?

Zoey:  Zoey

TF:  I know you heard this over a thousand times; you are drop dead gorgeous!! How do you keep your body so tight?

Zoey:  Thank you  🙂 Honestly I do a ton of pole work every night I work, (wed-sun every week) so that is a workout in its self 🙂

TF:  In what year did you become an exotic dancer?

Victoria: May of 2011

TF: During your first six months, were there any thoughts of possibly giving up dancing?

Victoria: Not really, I really enjoy my job. I love dancing, and all of my coworkers make it even more fun to be at work every night.

TF: How long did it take for you to get comfortable with adjusting your personal life to accommodate the stripper lifestyle?

Victoria: I still think that 8am-11am is WAY too early in the morning, Lol, but for the most part it didn’t take too much or too much time to adjust.

TF:  What do your customers ask more of; table dances or lap dances?

Victoria: They are the same thing here. We have table/lap dances, couch dances, and out champagne/VIP room. And it is really a toss up every night.

TF:  Do you or did you ever get all into your lap dances to the point you climaxed?

Victoria: Let’s just say that there are a couple times that I wanted a cigarette after a dance. 😉

TF:  How did you learn how to pole dance so well? Were you self taught?

Victoria: I taught myself everything. When I first started I had some of the girls help me get started and after that I loved the pole dancing aspect so much that I have and will keep learning all the tricks and everything about pole dancing 🙂 I am always looking to put on a show every time I perform, and I feel like I can always better myself.

TF: Can you give us some details about Body Language? Is this an instructional course that you started?

Victoria: Yes! I started body language a few months ago and right now we have a small class of girls and are in the middle of expanding classes and possibly moving them to a studio/gym so we can accommodate more girls. The website is www.Facebook.com/bodylanguage406 and it has all the information on my classes. 🙂 we are teaching not only the pole tricks, but also the actual ART of pole dancing. 🙂

TF: Do you compete professionally as a pole dancer?

Victoria: I don’t yet, but I am looking into it and would love to sometime soon.

TF:  Any advice you can give an aspiring dancer?

Victoria: If you want to do it…..do it, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks …. its not a bad thing, it is an art. Sooner or later the whole world will see that too 🙂

*Here are a few more general questions…..

TF: Chest hair-good or bad?

Victoria: I am not a big fan of much hair at all actually…. 😉

TF: Boxers or briefs? Be honest.

Victoria: I like the boxer-briefs…. best of both worlds 🙂

TF: Who was the last person you hugged?

Victoria: My friend/co-worker Emilee

TF: Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Victoria: My friend/co-worker Ginger

TF: Are you right handed or left handed?

Victoria: Right

TF: And this is all the time we have for right now Zoey, its been an honor having you hear with us today. Do you have any last words or shoutouts?

Victoria: A big shout out to all my friends and coworkers at the Fox Club in Missoula MT. And all my friends and family outside of the club as well!! <3

TF: What are your online networks?

Victoria: I am on Facebook:


And available for bachelor parties at:

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