Exclusive Interview With Exotic Dancer @TrinaStarzX On Twerk Flow

When it comes to providing quality entertainment and services, strippers really make the world a much better place. In fact, there’s not a guy that I know who hasn’t dated a stripper at least three times lol.  Today, I have here a very special guest who not only lets us in on what’s running through her mind on stage; but also in her bedroom. I can tell by the features of her slightly slanted eyes that she’s a Gemini(so am I) and you know what they say about us. Let us welcome our featured dancer of the day, Ms. Trina Starz.

Height: 5’3

Weight: 155

Measurements: 36c 30 46

Location: Detroit

Trap: Gold Diggers

TF: Whats good Trina? What’s going on in your world?

TS: Hello! Everything in my world is beautiful

TF: I had the pleasure of seeing you twerking in the “Addicted” video and your performance is nothing short of amazing!! What is it like seeing you shake in person?

TS: It’s even better in person 🙂

TF: Do you record your own twerk videos with your iPhone? If so, where can we see them?

TS: Yes I do. You can see all my twerk videos on my website www.trinastarz.com

TF: Do you have stage sets for any particular songs or do you just go with the flow and let the music take over?

TS: I just go with the flow.

TF: Are you comfortable with the way the DJ spins while you’re flexin’ on stage?

TS: Yeah

trina starz2

TF: Now that almost every mainstream hip hop and r&b song is stripper oriented, do you feel that strippers play a critical component in rappers’ careers as well?

TS: Of course, it’s cross promotion

TF: Which rapper showed you the most love at the trap?

TS:  Yung JU & Franchise Black are a few Detroit rappers that support my trap. I’m also in both of their music videos

TF: How would you describe your pole game on a scale from 1-10?

TS: I’m not a pole dancer. I’m more of a booty clapper

TF: What is the craziest thing you seen inside the dressing room?

TS: Too many to name….the strippers dressing room is crazy!

TF: On average, how much does it cost weekly to keep up your high maintenance?

TS: $1000 a week is the most I’ll spend to keep up with my stripper maintenance.

Here are a few general questions for entertainment purposes………

TF: Do you like cuddling when you lie in bed?

TS: Yes I’m addicted to cuddling

TF: What do you wear when you go to bed?

TS: Butt Naked

TF: What do you think you look sexiest in?

TS: In the morning I feel that I’m naturally sexy

TF: Have you ever watched someone else make out accidentally or on purpose?

TS: Both

TF: What’s your secret move to turn a guy/girl on?

TS: I really don’t have a secret move. I just be myself

TF: That was fun!! I wish I could keep you hear longer but I know your schedule doesn’t permit. Thanks for stopping by, you got any last words or shout outs?

TS: I would like to give a shout to all of my supporters and @YogiOliver for helping me take Trina Starz to the next level & all my fellow female hustlers: “Keep getting money”.

TF: What are your online networks?

TS: www.trinastarz.com and FMOT @trinastarzx


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