Exclusive Interview With Exotic Dancer @LarkPDX

During my journey in attempting to make Twerk Flow .Com a premiere source for everything and anything exotic dancing, twerking, and pole dancing; I stumble upon the most outspoken and humble entertainers. Throw in a sense of humor and you’ll have a complete package. Today’s guest has all the above traits and it is evident when you hear her speak. I’m not going to keep rambling about her, I’ll let her take the floor and speak instead. Another addition to the Top 25 Hottest Strippers On Instagram coming in at #15, please welcome Lark PDX.

Exotic Dancer: Lark PDX

Location: Portland, Oregon

Club:  Sassy’s Bar

TF: Hi Lark
LA: Hello, Twerk Flow!

TF:: Why is Portland, OR abbreviated PDX? Does it stand for something?
LA: it’s the airport code, not quite sure who chooses the letters. I’m guessing because there is two Portlands? but Portland, Maine is PWM…?

TF: You’re originally from Michigan, why the move to Portland?
LA: I lived in New York, Aspen, and Providence, RI after leaving MI. I had a friend in college here and the move seemed worth it. I love it and will have lived here 6 years in Oct.

TF: I saw your video about shit strippers say and I found it to be beyond hilarious!! What else goes on in that dressing room that you didn’t mention?
LA: (Thank you! they were really fun and got a great response!)
A lot of gossip, shit-talking, fighting, period & sex talk, and some of the dumbest, self-centered, narcissistic bullshit you’ll ever hear. But also supportive, brilliant, strong, lovely women I’m really happy to be around sharing our insight and emotions.

TF: So are you more of a pole dancer than a fire performer?
LA: Pole dancer. Fire laws in Portland were changed in 2012 (on some bullshit!) and now I only Fire Perform a few times a year, not weekly like I was 2 years ago. It really bums me out. I have upped my pole game, but there isn’t anything anyone can do about the new fire laws. Fuck the man!

TF: You dance nude or topless?
LA: Nude in Portland, St. Louis, and Topless in New Orleans.

TF: How much money you made on your first night ?
LA: On my first night shift, ever? I can’t remember, $125 maybe? or the most I’ve ever made on a night shift? almost $1000 in New Orleans Halloween 2011.

TF: In your bio it states that one of your performance tools includes customers. What exactly are you using the customers for?
LA: Hmmm… oh! “my fire tools include: fans”. Not like my ‘adoring fans’, like… metal, 5 point, welded together torches called Fans. oops, wording!

TF: You have a nice tight booty back there! What are you doing to keep that body slim and tight?
LA: Just Pole work, a lot of it at work and at home (I have my X-Pole). I’m the worst at doing other exercise. I’ll start Yoga and run one of these days.

TF: What advice would you give an aspiring dancer?
LA: Be nice, keep your opinions to yourself, watch your money and belongings, stretch, don’t drink too much, save your money, have an exit plan.

***Here are a few more general questions……
TF: If you dug a hole through the center of the earth,and jumped in, would you stay at the center because of gravity?
LA: You would drift pass the center than back again, over and over like a pendulum.

TF: If you are asked to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and you’re the main witness, what if you say “no”?
LA: Then I’m lying.

TF: If, in a baseball game, the batter hits a ball splitting it right down the center with half the ball flying out of the park and the other half being caught, what is the final ruling?
LA: Foul ball.

TF: If pro and con are opposites, wouldn’t the opposite of progress be congress?
LA: Yes.

TF: If a kid refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?
LA: Yes.

TF: That’s all the time we have for right now Lark, great to have you here. You have anything else you would like to add or give any shoutouts?
LA: Shout out to all my friends at Sassy’s Bar, Dante’s Sinferno and my Hustler Club people out east!

TF: What are your online networks?
LA: LarkPDX on Instagram (I was voted top 25 hottest Strippers on Instagram by Complex Magazine), Twitter, Model Mayhem and my website is misslark.com

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