Exclusive interview with exotic dancer Lady Redd

Some may think that exotic dancers have it easy. The stigma that dancers make a lot of money and that they do not work hard to get it is far from the truth. Dancers really work hard in fact harder than most average 9-5ers simply because their dealing with multiple factors at work that can mentally take a toll on you. Then we have the exotic dancers that work extra hard as full-time mothers and spouses/fiancée that are strong in dealing with the pressures and struggles at home. Welcome the sexy Lady Redd, a beautiful entertainer at the world’s famous Cleo’s Gentlemens’ Club in Orlando, FL. Check out the interview below to see what keeps her motivated to go hard and become the best at what she does…………………
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 180
Bust: 34B
Waist: 27 
Shoe: 11
FF:  Hey Whats up?
LR:  I’m doing good just working hard
FF:  I like your tats; but why you don’t have any on your booty? I’m sure everyone would love it.
LR:  Because I don’t want to be like everybody else with tattoos on their butt and I love my skin. After a while you wish it wasn’t there.
FF: Have you ever been in a booty $hakin’ contest? If so, how did it I mean how did you do? 
LR:  No
FF:  Have you been dancing for a while?
LR:  Yes, 3 years
FF:  Are there ways that you can tell if your time at work is gonna be a good night or not?
LR:  No, I can’t tell if it’s going to be a good nite if there are no events the club is promoting.
FF:  Whats the most you’ve made on a good night? A regular night?
LR:  $800
FF:  When you’re dancing for customers especially for new ones; what techniques do you apply to keep him or her requesting more?
LR:  I just make sure I look good, smell good and dance real sexy.
FF:  What would you say is your signature move?
LR:   $hakin’ my booty
FF:   How often do catfights break out in the dressing room? Did you ever see a chick get her a** whipped?
LR:   Not often. I’ve only seen one during my three years working.
FF:   A lot of dancers are socially active on twitter and instagram; does being on those networks help you attract more customers?
LR:   Yes it does.
FF:  What are some of the goals you already have set and intend on completing when you’re retired from dancing?
LR:  Owning a business.
FF:  What is one of  the best things you’ve done for yourself with the money earned from dancing?
LR:   Fixed my credit profile and saved money towards my kids trust funds.
FF:   The next group of questions will help us get a better understanding of you……..
FF:   What gym do you workout at?
LR:   Planet Fitness
FF:   Favorite TV show?
LR:   CSI Miami
FF:   Who’s the most influential person in your life?
LR:   My boyfriend
FF:   Favorite quote?  
LR:   Make the money, don’t let it make you.
FF:   Ok we about to wrap things up here, thanks for your time Redd. What are your social media links?
LR:  Twitter: @erthangred  Instagram: Reddstarr25

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