Exclusive Interview With Exotic Dancer @ElleStanger

Today we are in Portland, OR again for an exclusive conversation with a rather unique dancer/stripper, and prolific writer. A very charismatic performer who displays great loyalty amongst her colleagues. Despite also being a workaholic, she always seems to find the time to respond to emails and updates her status on social media networks in ways the average busy body couldn’t. Recently listed #19 on the Top 25 Hottest Strippers On Instagram. Please welcome to the stage The Suicide Girl, Elle Stanger.

Exotic Dancer: Elle

Location: Portland, OR

Club: Lucky Devil Lounge

TF: Whats up Elle! Welcome to Twerk Flow. Com

ES: Hello! I’m so happy to speak with you.

TF: How long have you been dancing?

ES: Nearly four years, and I love it dearly.

TF: To those who never had the pleasure of seeing you dance(such as myself), describe how a typical Elle stage performance is….

ES: It varies, but I like to bring a level of intensity, always. Sometimes I’ll be more dance oriented and ballet around on the pole and ceiling; I have years of formal dance training. Other times I’ll try to make my audience laugh by sliding a straw through my gauged septum, or lighting my pubic hair on fire. But it’s always intimate, and it’s always unique.

TF:  Do your customers lose their minds when you’re giving them lap dances?

ES: I’ve witnessed a few men ejaculate in their pants, and let me tell you: never wear khakis to a club if you have that ‘early release’ problem. Beige hides nothing. I enjoy it when I note that my recipient is breathing more heavily, or when a ladies chest rises and falls as she stares at me moving around her in that dark, red room.

TF: How long have you been a dancer at Lucky Devil lounge?

ES: I first set foot in there in June of 2009, and I never left.

TF: Is Lucky Devil a topless or totally butt ass naked club?

ES: Nearly all clubs in Portland offer full nudity, and Lucky Devil Lounge is no exception.

TF: Do you dance anywhere else?

ES: Lucky Devil Lounge is my home, I am exclusively there.

TF: You and your co workers seem to get along quite well. What are some of the fun and exciting things that go on inside that dressing room?

ES:  My pal Winter had me dying of giggles last night when she detailed about some of the odd dirty talk she’d received earlier. And besides peeing in front of each other several nights a week, we look out for each other. It’s like having a group of sisters that you never expected to have.

TF: Does it bother you any bit when people call you a stripper? Did it ever bother you in the early stages of your career?

ES: Not in the slightest. Rather than resort to a general euphemism as ‘dancer’, I’ve embraced the word ‘stripper’, because I am a dancer, in a strip club, therefore a stripper. I want us to reclaim the power to our livelihood, and recognize that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

TF: Is it true that exotic dancing is recognized as a performing art in Oregon?

ES: Portland, Oregon is the mecca of liberal arts, and the Oregon legislature has deemed stripping to be a performing art, so this means that nearly all of our clubs have full nudity and also serve alcohol, food, and a select few such as Lucky Devil Lounge, where I work, offer gaming and poker.

TF: How many tattoos do you have? Which is your most favorite? Your least favorite?

ES: I have no idea, I never counted. Everything is designed to be cohesive, so I can’t really count them as individual pieces.

TF: What advice would you give an aspiring dancer?

ES: Don’t let strangers determine how you feel at the end of the night. Your self worth is found inside your own individual. Have fun with your work, but treat it like a job, and you’ll be successful.

** Here are a few more general questions:

TF: Who is your favorite stripper?

ES: There are too many talented ladies in Portland to name just one. A few names; Gabriella, Olive and Winter at Lucky Devil Lounge, simply for their uniqueness.

TF:  What do you eat?

ES:  I eat everything, but only with organic ingredients. I don’t allow my body to ingest preservatives or dyes or artificial flavoring. My body and my brain love me for it!

TF:  What’s on your ipod?

ES:  Muddy Waters, all Black Keys prior to 2010. The Yardbirds, The Animals. I have an old, funky soul.

TF:  What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

ES:  I like intelligent, self-sufficient people who have a dry sense of humor, and a good amount of empathy for others.

TF:  Where does the toe tag go on a dead person if they don’t have toes?

ES: I suppose I could look up the answer and cheat, but I would guess wrist.

TF: That about wrap things up for this session; thanks for such a wonderful time Elle!! You have any shout outs?

ES: Thank you to my family at Lucky Devil Lounge, my parents, and my loves. You know who you are.

TF: What are your online networks?

ES: I can be found on Suicidegirls.com/girls/Casper, on Twitter and Facebook as ‘Elle Lynn Stanger’, and I write for Portland’s Exotic Magazine, and TitsAndSass.com. Also on Instagram as ‘Elle Stanger’. I’m a very busy lady, but I make time for loyal followers.

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