Exclusive interview with Big Booty Piggie

Hey ladies, do you want to become relatively popular in a short time? Well thanks to the internet it is more of a reality than a dream to achieve success instantaneous especially if you have assets. Meet Big Booty Piggie, yes “Big Booty”, not known to many in the strip club scene but thanks to YouTube and twitter(and this blog of course), you will get to know her firsthand. You see “Big Booty” Piggie has yet to make a mark in the exotic dancer world, however she is set on officially working in one or more of the local clubs in her area. Her online presence has built enough anticipation to the point where “Big Booty” will probably get her money bags just grinding on the internet! I can’t wait to see her in action in the flesh. I’ll have my two weeks check reserved just for that.

Big Booty Piggie

FF:  How are you today Ms?

BBP:  Good

FF:  You’re becoming a twitter sensation!! How did all of this start?

BBP: Just grinding hard

FF:  Now that you’re starting to make your mark in the industry and ppl are hearing about you, how are you handling all of this attention?

BBP: By working hard and continuing to work hard. For the record, my website is on the way www.bigbootypiggie.com

FF:  How’s the vibe out there in Orlando?  Were the customers already showing’ you some luv before you started getting a little popular?

BBP: I get a lot of love from my home city but ppl still hate lol.

FF:  Which club or clubs do you currently dance at now?

BBP: None. I just do events as of now.

FF:  Every dancer admitted they were extremely nervous initially and are now
somewhat relaxed and comfortable performing in front of crowds.However, some are still nervous despite the years of experience on their resume and  have a difficult time losing that habit. As far as comfort zone goes, do you lean more towards the nervous side or more towards the relaxed side?

BBP: No I still get butterflies all the time but I try to lean for the relaxed side

FF:  Do you make more money dancing on stage or on the floor?

BBP: Both

FF:  So is the ” I Got Everybody Looking” video your first official video appearance?

BBP: Yes #ShoutOut 2 @IamShowtimebaby he put me on the song I got everybody yall follow Mr LS4 aka @StickMr407

FF:  Are you looking into performing as a featured entertainer dancing’ on the road nationally anytime soon?

BBP: Yes I do as I grow in the business

FF:   You mentioned that you’re uploading more videos on a weekly basis. Is this one of the ways you plan on pleasing your current  and future fans?

BBP: Yes me & my team just want to apply lot of pressure to the Internet world

FF:   With all this attention you’re receiving now, I can imagine the love and hate. Speaking of haters, how are you preventing them from draining your positive energy?

BBP: Keep grinding , let my hater do their job n hate !

FF:  I’m going to ask you a series of questions for the viewers convenience………

FF:  Do you like cats or dogs?

BBP: None

FF:  Do you have kids or no kids?

BBP: None

FF:  Do you like to get smacked on your a$$ when you’re having sex?

BBP: Love it , hard too!!! dont be soft

FF:  Which of the following words best describe you; ambitious, independent, or hard-working?

BBP: Ambitious

FF:  What is something that you have never done but are willing to try it for the first time, and if you like it you will do it again?

BBP: Not sure

FF:   Any last words or advice for anyone looking to step their game up?

BBP: Just work hard never stop no matter what , for every hater there is a fan !!!

FF:   What are your social media networks?

BBP: Follow me on twitter @BiqBootyPiqqie  and also on youtube  and instagram.

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