Exclusive interview with Bambi Jorae

I noticed more and more girls are interested in becoming a part of the naked hustle. It also seems to be that amateurs get as much love as the experienced and in some cases, a little more. My assumption is that the general crowd are maybe tired of seeing the same old tatted up, Brazilian but lifted, or booty shot enhanced stripper(You didn’t hear that from me). The amateurs are sexy and also have more to prove so you can expect to see a new stripper giving it her best to compete with the elite. My good friend Bambi Jorae is in the building with us today and she hasn’t decided if she’s going to remain bussin it for us or to just tease us for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Readers, I personally would love to see this chick come on stage again and again so please leave comments at the end of this interview stating that you wan’t Bambi Jorae takin it all off and shakin’ it at least three times a week!!!!
FF: Whats up beautiful?
Bambi: Hello!
FF:  You said that you just started out dancing correct?
Bambi: Yes
FF:  How did you get in the game?
Bambi: I just came up with the idea of doing a one night only party, just for the experience.
FF:  Where are you currently dancing or will be dancing?
Bambi: I’ll be dancing October 6th at Sphinx, a club in Detroit.
FF:  Can you give us more info about the event on Oct.6th?
Bambi: It’s just a exclusive one night only bash for people to see me dance and do my thing for the first time.
FF:  Who came up with the concept “Girls Kissing Girls”?
Bambi: All me lol. I just thought it was perfect as soon as it popped into my head!
FF:  It sounds like an event no one will wanna miss; is kissing the only thing going on? 🙂
Bambi: Lol well just kissing is the plan for now but we’ll see how wild it gets, you know?
FF:  Since its a one night only affair, does that mean your fans will only see you perform on Oct.6th and no more after that?
Bambi: It depends on how the party goes. I’ll maybe do it again if its worth it, maybe not 😉
FF:  What do you get more compliments on your a$$ or lip$?
Bambi: I would say it’s equal.
FF:  If you can go back to the past whats the one thing you will modify?
Bambi: Honestly nothing. I have no regrets, just lessons learned. I wouldn’t change a thing because it all taught me something.
FF: These next questions will let us know more about Bambi Jorae
FF: Whats your favorite perfume?
Bambi: Guilty by Gucci
FF: How do you unwind?
Bambi: A bubble bath and bottle of  white Remy always gets me right.
FF:  Where’s the most craziest place you had sex?
Bambi: No comment lol.
FF: Hip Hop or RnB?
Bambi: It depends on the mood I’m in, I love both. RnB when I’m chilling, in a thoughtful mood just relaxing… And hip hop when I’m turning up feeling myself lol
FF: Any shoutouts?
Bambi: Basically everyone who shows love to me, holds me down, Shoutout to them. You mess with me, I mess with you.
FF: What are your social media networks?
Bambi: Twitter @Bambijorae Instagram @BambiJorae


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