Ex stripper gets caught pimping the federal government

When you do dirt, you have to cover your tracks. If not, you’ll get caught when you least expect it. That is the case with 28 year old, Brenda Charlestain of Palm Beach County, accused of scamming the government for $24,000 in food stamps. According to Sun Sentinel, Charlestain, a wife, mother of 5, and former stripper at Sugar  Daddy’s Adult Cabaret in WPB, has been collecting $900-$1100 of federal aid monthly from March 2010- June 2012. Charlestain admitted during  a portion of that time period, she earned over $85,000 working only for tips. Living sort of lavishly, Charlestain spent close to $10,000 in plastic surgery, she also spent $1100 on a car stereo system and it is unknown how much she spent on a bright pink custom paint job for her ’08 Charger. On Thursday, Sep. 13th, Brenda Charlestain was sentenced to 1 1/2 years in prison and a restitution fee of $23,965 in food stamps she received. She is set to surrender by November 30, 2012.

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