Battle Of The Year: Mz Grip Dat vs. Lanipop!! 08/31/13 @MzGripDat187 vs.@lanipop6 #WhoWillTapOut

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I knew this was going to happen, but I didnt know it was taking place so soon. For the past few weeks, the challenger, Mz. Grip Dat, offered to battle any twerker listed in the top 5 for a few racks and some bragging rights. Apparently, some of our favorites back down and it seemed like the competition wasn’t coming to fruition. Well I have some good news, the battle is officially set. Your “favorite twerkers nightmare” will square off against one of the all time greatest twerkers to ever shake in booty shorts, Queen Lanipop!!!!  Yes Lanipop accepted the challenge which will take place Saturday, August 31 at a location TBD in Tuscaloosa, AL. This is one Pre- Labor Day event real twerk fans surely don’t wanna miss!!! MzGrip Dat vs. Lanipop!!! Who will tap out?? Check out the Tale Of The Tape below…….

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