Are strip clubs in Miami slow?

Recently, I’ve visited a couple of strip clubs in Miami(I won’t say which ones) and noticed that strippers are not making as much as they use to. I met and spoke to quite a few dancers and each of them told me that they’re lucky  if they make $200 in one night. I’m not sure if they were using mind games on me to feel sorry for them and start trickin’ or if it was the truth. I also noticed that there are less and less dances going on whereas too many strippers are either just sitting down doing nothing or just chilling in the dressing room. Anyway my point is the clubs shouldn’t be the reason why these entertainers are not pulling in decent income. This is where marketing and branding yourself comes in. Dancers shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to advertise themselves on mediums that can bring in cash. If that’s the case why are you dancing in a public place? You’re much better off just dancing at private events and being low-key about that. I was able to grab some of their attention when I told them that I can help build their brand and increase their revenue by being a social media guru. In other words, with my management, guidance and direction, I can create a path for strippers to profit off their interactions with current and potential clients in and out of the clubs. When done correctly, you have no idea how much you can earn but I will say somewhere in the six figure category. So do not limit yourself and abilities but instead allow yourself to expand and realize that at the end of the day you’re not just an entertainer/independent contractor but you’re also a business.

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